How To Keep Woodchucks Out Of Garden


How To Keep Woodchucks Out Of Garden

How To Keep Woodchucks Out Of Garden

Woodchucks are large rodents that can weigh up to 16 pounds. They are mainly found in the eastern and central United States, but some have been spotted as far west as Montana.

Woodchucks are known for their long claws which they use to dig holes and their powerful jaws which they use to eat a variety of foods including grasses, roots, berries, and more. However, woodchucks do not hibernate in winter so if you see one outside it may just be looking for food!

Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are infamous for their ability to ruin gardens and destroy crops. They have a reputation for being voracious eaters of almost anything they can get their paws on. This guide will help you identify if there is a woodchuck living near your property and give suggestions on how to keep them out of your yard or garden.

Woodchucks are not your average garden pest. They can be aggressive, annoying, and destructive. These pesky rodents will chew up plants, dig holes to get into houses and ultimately cause a lot of damage in the process. If you have had enough woodchucks in your yard or garden there are some things that you can do about it!

Woodchucks are everywhere. They have been spotted in city parks, suburbs, and even the high desert. The problem is that they love to eat vegetables! This blog post will provide you with some tips on how to keep woodchucks out of your garden so that you can grow all the vegetables that you want!

How to keep woodchucks Out of Garden – 7 Methods

The best ways to get rid of wood chunks are given below:

1.   Trapping

Trapping woodchucks can be an efficient way to capture nuisance animals.

Baiting a cage and leaving it on their path or near their hole will do the work for you as they check in with what is going on there, just make sure to regularly inspect your traps.

One of the best ways to reduce your risk while trapping woodchucks is by closing up operations at night. This will prevent you from catching any skunks or domestic cats, and if this does happen these animals can be released with no harm done.

Many people think that using apples and other fruits to bait the good woodchuck is a great idea.

However, you should place your trap in the shade because they are sensitive to extreme temperature changes which could lead to heat exhaustion.

Before capturing any animals be sure that it’s not too late for disposal as some of these methods can cause stress or pain on the animal whether shooting with humane darts from an experienced professional or injecting them with chemicals by trained professionals before drowning their life away while being surrounded by water – all considered cruel ways nowadays due to new legislation passed against such violence inflicted upon living creatures.

2. By Using Repellents

There are many ways to get rid of woodchucks. One popular way is by using repellents, such as bad-tasting substances or objects that can be attached to the ground around your garden.

If you don’t want to use a chemical substance, try sprinkling some cayenne pepper (or chili powder) on top of the soil.

You could also try putting a small piece of hot pepper sauce into a can and sticking it in the ground as well, to get rid of woodchucks. These methods will either taste bad or be too spicy for the animal’s tastes, thus ensuring that they stay away.

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3. Get Rid of Woodchucks By Using Fencing Wire

There are a few different types of fencing you can use to keep woodchucks out.

If there is an area that needs more attention, like near your garden, or if the wind has blown seeds into another part of the yard, wire fences will be better suited for this scenario.

An electric fence would also work great at keeping them out. If you do not want to put up a wire fence or an electric fence, then there are still ways that you can keep them away from your property.

Some of the cheapest and easiest solutions include spraying peppermint oil around the yard, using mothballs in areas where they like to reside, planting herbs such as catnip on the property, or even using a homemade trap.

4. By using Dog fur and Human Hair:

Groundhogs are the worst neighbors. They dig holes, eat plants, and even bark at your dog! But there’s a way to stop these rodent pests from ruining your backyard garden.

Sprinkle some of Fido’s fur or hair collected from a salon or barbershop around flower beds with groundhog repellent properties (like peppermint) to keep them away for good!Woodchucks Out Of Garden

5. By using Ammonia:

Some people are turned off by the smell of ammonia, but groundhogs can’t stand it.

The potent chemical is near-lethal to a rodent if ingested so they will avoid an area with its scent left behind; some even go as far as making sure there isn’t any trace for them to find at all! For instance, placing talcum powder or garlic around their hole makes them feel unwelcome and keeps these pesky critters from coming back in peace.

6. By Creating Vibrations in the Ground

As groundhogs are sensitive to vibrations, you can use items like wind chimes or lawn spinners near their burrows.

You could also place a vibrating sonic device on top of the entranceway so that it covers an area wide enough for them to notice and move away from. If this doesn’t work, try using these devices around your yard’s perimeter as well!

7. By Use Lime to Burn woodchucks Feet

If you cover the ground near a hole with lime, it will burn animals’ feet that come through. This way they’ll just go somewhere else and leave your plants alone.

Alternatively, if you want to protect some of your favorite vegetables from being eaten by critters like mice and raccoons, in particular, sprinkle lime on them for protection!

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