How to Keep Your Home Clean with Indoor Plants


How to Keep Your Home Clean with Indoor Plants

How to Keep Your Home Clean with Indoor Plants

Keeping live plants inside your home can add some vibrant color and make the place look more alive. Plants can give the home some personality and a personal touch, but they aren’t always tidy. 

When the plants start to drop leaves or petals, they can make a mess on the floor. If you have kids or pets in the home, they may knock the dirt out of the pots and onto the floor or furniture. You might knock some out yourself with the daily care you give to the plants. It may seem like you are always sweeping up after the foliage.

That’s not even talking about the pests that can accumulate in your home because of the dirt and plant life there. It’s enough to make you want to hire a house cleaning service to keep your home tidy, but there’s no need to despair.

Here are some tips to help you keep your home tidy even when you have live plants in the house. 

Make Sure the Pots Are Large Enough

Do you constantly find dirt spilling out of your potted plants and onto the floor? The containers or pots you have your houseplants in might not be big enough to accommodate them. You could reduce the amount of soil in the planters, but that may not be beneficial for your plants. In some cases, you will need to buy larger planters so that there is enough space for the dirt and plant to sit comfortably in the same pot without any danger of the dirt spilling out. 

With bigger planters, you can aerate the soil from time to time and even move your plants around the house without dirt falling out. Even if your housecat gets into the planter, that might not be enough to disturb the dirt so much that it spills out. 

Keep the Plants Trimmed

One of the biggest issues with houseplants compared to artificial plants is that you have to maintain them. They need to be trimmed from time to time so that they don’t grow too large for their pots or too high or wide for your home. 

Trimming them doesn’t just keep their size under control; it also allows you to get rid of dead or dying plant parts. You can find those wilted leaves that are barely hanging on your plant and clip them off before they land on the ground and make your home look untidy. You can catch the petals that are getting ready to fall and remove them before they do. 

Regular trimming is good for your plant, helping to spur on healthy growth, and it is an important part of keeping your home tidy with live plants. You don’t have to give up the plants to keep your home looking neat; you just have to stay on top of this essential task. Keep in mind that some plants need more frequent trimming than others, so create a schedule for yourself that takes that into account.

Keep the Plants Watered

If your plants are constantly wilting and dropping leaves and petals on the floor that could be a nutrient issue. The plants may need more water to thrive, and a lack of water could be causing them to look unhealthy and drop bits onto your floor when they really shouldn’t be. 

Taking good care for your plants and giving them enough sunlight and water can go a long way toward making the plants easier to clean up after. You may save yourself a lot of work just by knowing what your plants need to be healthy and then supplying that for them. 

Each plant has individual needs, and you will want to make sure you aren’t overwatering or underwatering them, as those both can cause untidiness issues. 

Provide Proper Drainage for Water

Complete Guide to Good Practices for Watering Houseplants

You will probably need to water your plants every day, but what happens to the excess water that the plants don’t use or that doesn’t get used right away? The planters will either catch all of it, or some will be drained off into the overflow basin of the planter. That basin can overflow as well, and you may need to prepare a large basin for your plant or you might need to water the plants less. Having water pour out of the planter can be just as messy as dirt, so be mindful of what is happening with the water surrounding our indoor plants

Keep Pests at Bay

Another problem you may have with keeping your houseplants tidy is the pests that show up on them from time to time. They leave droppings in the home, create a mess and a nuisance, and require extra cleaning to get rid of and keep at bay. A lot of the tips I have given you so far will help you to eliminate or reduce the pests that hang out on your plants. You may also want to spray your plants with a gentle insecticide that isn’t harmful for you or your plants.  

It can help identify the kinds of pests that are showing up in your home because of your plants and then take steps to deal with those specific pests. You can’t get rid of them all the same way. 

These are just a few ideas to help you keep a tidier home and not feel like you need to give up the houseplants. It doesn’t have to be so tough to keep your home tidy and to look after your plants. Hopefully, these tips will save you some work and make the home easier to clean.

Your plants can beautify your home, adding something special to it that you wouldn’t get with artificial plants. The aromatic scents and vibrant colors are a wonderful addition to any home, but knowing how to care for the plants properly and keep them tidy is essential for keeping your stress levels low and your workload as light as possible.


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