How to Keep Your Home Safe from Wild Animals


How to Keep Your Home Safe from Wild Animals

When you live close to woods, you will at times get unexpected visitors – wildlife. They can sometimes destroy some of your items, and you may want to keep them off your property. You need to have a strategy of doing that if you are to be successful in the endeavor.

This can be a tricky affair, and you may even want to call on relevant agencies to come and help you deal with it. You don’t have to get to that point unless the wild animal in question is a dangerous one. You can keep your home safe from wildlife on your own.

You only need to know what to do, and you will easily keep them off for a long time. Below are some of the ideas you can use to ensure you keep wild animals away from your property.

Work on Disposing of Water and Food

If you are to enjoy success in keeping wild animals from your property, you need to work on this first. If you don’t dispose of your food correctly, it can be an open invite to any animal out there. The animals will see the home as a food hub, and they will keep on coming.

The worst thing is that you will invite the animals and their hunters too. It would help if you took extra precautions when it comes to disposing of your foods. Here are some of the ideas you can use to keep wild animals at bay;

  • Don’t feed the animals approaching your home – whether you are consciously doing it or through disposing of food, don’t do it.
  • Feed your pets inside the house. If they are fed in their homes outside, bring their bowls inside at night and clean them. It would help if you also cleaned any spillage.
  • Dispose of the trash regularly. When the garbage is not yet disposed of, you need to ensure it is in a can with a lid.
  • Build a fence around your garden. If you have a garden, fresh fruits will fall to the ground, inviting the animals. You need to ensure you have a fence around the garden. You also need to dispose of the fruits quickly when you notice them.
  • Clean your grill regularly. It isn’t common to clean the grill often, but you need to make it a habit.

Eliminate Any Wildlife Shelter

Wild animal shelters can be anything from wood to trash. You need to spot these near your home as early as possible and get rid of them before they wreak havoc on the property. You don’t want anything uncontrolled to pile up near your house as it can attract wildlife.

Other forms of shelter that wild animals can use include debris, dead trees, and brush piles. You need to ensure that you clear all these if you don’t want a wildlife invasion. Also, you need to check out the tall grass in your yard; this can be an excellent place for wildlife to hide.

Ensure that you can see everything around you and in your compound. All hiding places need to be eliminated. When there’s no place to shelter, the wildlife will have no choice but to keep off your property.

Close Openings

All openings in and around your house need to be closed. The first thing you want to do is to inspect the home thoroughly for any big holes. When you find them, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

You need to look at the house alone and look at the house’s areas. For example, if there are full-grown holes in your backyard, you need to seal them off. This will ensure nothing can use the hole as a hiding place.

It would help if you looked at the fence around your home – assuming you have one and you should. Big holes in your fences will ensure safe passage for raccoons, squirrels, and other animals. It would help if you thought of totally closing such gaps around the house.

It may be one of the challenging tasks, and at times you may find it hard to locate these holes. You may need to hire a pest control agency to help you find and deal with the holes. Also, consider reconstructing your vents, flashing, and soffits to keep off wildlife.

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Cap Chimneys

Still, your chimney needs to be redone on holes that can be used as hiding areas for animals. Here, you will need to hire someone who has some experience in construction and has dealt with animal invasion. It isn’t about style or any other aspect; you need to be safe.

If you can reconstruct the chimney in your house, you want to explore other ideas. The different view you can use is to cap the chimneys. When you cap the chimney, it will save you a lot and have other benefits. Capping your chimney will also ensure a spark doesn’t leave the house through the chimney.

The cap, in essence, will work as a safety device as much as it works as a way to exclude animals from your home. It can also work as new décor ideas depending on the type of cap you use for the job.

Contact a Professional Service Provider

You can get a service provider that will help you deal with your wildlife issues. You may need to get in touch with them for wildlife removal nearby the place you reside. When all the above have failed, or you don’t have the time, seek out help.

Some animals may be a bit tricky to get rid of, especially if they live nearby. When you get in touch with the service provider, you can be sure they won’t get a chance to breach your compound. They will be taken off the nearby areas that they set up home safely.

If you thought keeping wild animals off your property was something that couldn’t be done, you were wrong. You only need to have the right ideas on how you can go about it. Above are some ideas that you can seek to use to ensure you exclude all wildlife from your home.

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