How To Make A Bonsai Fig Tree

How To Make A Bonsai Fig Tree
If you really want to put your hand in decorating your indoor with bonsai and don’t know how to make a bonsai fig tree, then you have reached the correct page. Growing a bonsai fig tree may take a lot of your precious time, but the results are truly far-reaching.
Before you start with the task, it is always suggested to do a background check of the plant you are going to grow. There exist more than 500 species of bonsai fig tree, out of which few produce beautiful flowers.
Bonsai Fig Tree

The Bonsai Fig Tree

bonsai fig tree is a miniature version of banyan tree that adds an exotic feeling to any place. Nowadays, many tree lovers are showing an interest in learning how to make a bonsai fig tree.
If you are an amateur, then you must go through the book containing special instructions related to caring for fig tree.
You can select your favorite bonsai ficus from varieties like narrow-leaf ficusdwarf ficus, or weeping ficus.
Before copying the points of how to make a bonsai fig tree, make sure you know the special characteristics of bonsai fig which make it so extraordinary. These are:
  • It grows indoors
  • Not bothered a lot by watering issues
  • It is a fast growing tree
  • The bonsai fig tree grows into a thick dense bush after sometime
  • The shiny and thick evergreen leaves of this tree are around 7cm long
  • Most of you must have seen trees with roots over the rocks or roots suspended in the air. These types of stylish roots are featured by bonsai fig trees only.

Top 5 Point Guide on How To Make a Bonsai Fig Tree

Step 1: Select Position

A special trait of the bonsai fig tree is that it is classified as an indoor bonsai. Remember that the miniature fig tree requires a lot of sunlight. It loves full sun and hates shady areas. It can even be kept outside if the temperature is 15-17 degrees Celsius. So, carefully select a position where there is a good flow of air. Low humidity areas are not a problem for bonsai figs as they have thick leaves.

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Step 2: Watering instructions

The bonsai fig tree is a very heat-tolerant tree. It requires very normal watering conditions. So, you must not worry too much about under-watering or over-watering problems. To maintain an adequate amount of humidity, daily misting is highly recommended.

Step 3: Feeding

Feeding the bonsai fig with fertilizers containing essential nutrients must be done every two months in winters and twice in a month during summers.

Step 4: Pruning

If the shape of the tree is not proper, pruning is advised. Regular pruning is essential to make your fig bonsai look good. Just prune back to 4-5 leaves after 10 leaves have grown. Pruning is basically important for the fig trees that grow long leaves.

Shape Of The Tree

Step 5: Repotting and Propagation

Ensure that you repot your bonsai fig tree using normal soil during the time of spring every year. For good propagation, you can make use of cuttings at the time of high temperature.

Now, you’re ready to redecorate your home’s interior with this tutorial on how to make a bonsai fig tree. But, remember that for a healthy plant, you must also learn about fig tree care. Tree care specifically means understanding the needs of your tree during every season of the year. Since a miniature fig tree is an indoor species, just make sure it keeps on having plenty of sunshine so that it always stay healthy.

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