How to Prepare your Garden for Entertaining

How to Prepare your Garden for Entertaining
How to Prepare your Garden for Entertaining

After a cold winter, it’s all too likely that your garden is looking a bit drab and neglected. As the weather warms up, you’re probably dreaming of spring and summer sipping cool drinks and feasting on food with family and friends in your garden. If so, then read on, as we’ve rounded up the top tips on how to prepare your garden for entertaining.

Tidy it Up

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your garden before you entertain is to tidy it up. Of course, keeping it free from junk in the first place would be ideal, but we know it’s a lot of hard work.

Remove those old, empty garden pots, collect any broken furniture, garden statues, and pick up any other kind of debris. This will immediately improve the look and feel of your outdoor space.

But not everything should be thrown out – reusing and repurposing some things might be possible. This means you should inspect everything to see whether you can salvage it or not.

Care for your Lawn

After you’ve cleared away the junk and rubbish, your next job should be to take care of your lawn. Give it a good mow a few days before you’re due to entertain, which gives it enough time to bounce back after being cut.

Also pay attention to the lawn edges, trimming them so they’re nice and clean. That way when it comes to entertaining, everything will be looking nice and sharp for your guests.

Prune and Weed the Garden

After the lawn is taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention towards the garden beds. Sprucing up your plants is a great way to improve the look and feel of your outdoor space.

The first step is to remove any dead branches and plants – it’s always better to see a small gap in your garden than a dead plant. And don’t forget to weed your garden, a simple task that greatly improves the look of your garden. If you’re putting in any new plants for the season, do so a few days out from entertaining to give them a few days to settle in.

Remove the Waste

After you’ve collected all the rubbish, lawn clippings, and plant trimmings, it’s time to clear it out of your home with a garden waste removal service. Having a professional team take care of this step makes things easy, as it can be difficult to dispose of everything in a way that won’t hurt the environment.

Add Some Atmospheric Lighting

Now that things are looking a lot tidier, you can turn your attention to enhancing the atmosphere of your garden. And by far one of the easiest ways of making your outdoor space more inviting is to add some lighting.

Something as simple as stringing up some solar-powered fairy lights along a fence or between trees goes a long way towards making your garden a more inviting place to entertain. Also, think about adding some stand-up lights to your garden beds or along a garden path.

Whatever you choose, it all creates a fantastic vibe for your dinner party or BBQ long after the sun has gone down.

Mulch the Garden

We’re not done with the garden bed yet. If you have the time, adding a layer of mulch will help hide the unevenness of the soil and make the colours of your plants pop.

Of course, it’s not all about the looks – this is also a great step for you to do if you’re planning on entertaining several times throughout the warmer months. A layer of mulch protects the soil and plant roots from the sun and will break down to provide nutrients for your garden, keeping it healthy all season.

Care for your Garden Furniture

Depending on what type of garden furniture you have, it might need a bit of care. You should have already decided what you should keep and what can be thrown out – but showing a bit of extra attention to the stuff you’re keeping goes a long way towards the look of your garden.

If you have any wooden furniture, sanding and even staining them will return them to their former glory. Pressure washing any metal furniture will remove any grime, mould, or presents any birds have left you. And don’t forget to give your tables a wipe down if you’re planning on eating outside.

Pressure Wash the Garden Paths and Deck

If you’re on a serious garden cleaning spree, then getting a pressure washer for a day will do wonders. Giving the garden paths and any decking you have a once-over a few days before you entertain will make them shine.

Add a Fire Feature

Like a string of fairy lights or a collection of lanterns, a fire feature in your outdoor garden is a great way to add some atmosphere. It’s also an inviting focal point for people to gather around. What could be more relaxing than chatting, drinking, and dining in front of the warm crackle of a flame?

There are plenty of portable fire pits available for sale, a lot of which are priced reasonably. Make sure not to put it under any roofs or on top of

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Set the Table

Another easy step to take to prepare your garden for entertaining is to set the table nicely. The use of plants here is also encouraged, even if it’s a few clippings from your garden thrown in a small glass cup. A beautiful tabletop presentation is a nice way to add a creative touch to your garden soiree.

Make it Comfy

Finally, it’s time to make the entire space comfortable for your guests. That means decorating the place with plush cushions, soft blankets for chilly nights, or stringing up a hammock between some trees.

When everything is more comfortable, it makes it far easier to spend time outdoors in the garden, even after your guests have gone home. Kicking back with a drink in a soft, cushioned chair after the hard work of hosting a dinner party is a seriously nice reward.

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