How to Take Care of Indoor Fig Tree


How to Take Care of Indoor Fig Tree

How to Take Care of Indoor Fig Tree

If you have some open space outside your home or a backyard, then plant an indoor fig tree. It is easy to grow and the fruits are delicious and healthy too. Fig trees need sunlight all day and they grow big and give a beautiful shade to your garden.

You might wonder about indoor fig tree care and about its maintenance. Unlike other fruit trees, these trees are easy to grow. It can also be grown in containers but you have to replace the soil after every three years and keep the container protected against overheat from sunlight.

Fig tree care includes regular watering until it reaches its full growth potential. If in case the tree isn’t getting enough water the leaves will turn yellow or whither. Moreover, The Proper Fig Tree Carewithout proper fig tree care, the trees will not produce fruits that easily.

The Proper Indoor Fig Tree Care

Here are a few pointers that growers need to remember to grow healthy and beautiful fig trees that will indeed serve the purpose of giving aesthetic appeal and other benefits.

  • If you have a larger area of land then plant fig trees 20 feet apart.
  • If in case you want to prune them and grow them as bushes then plant them 10 feet apart.
  • Fig tree care includes proper ventilation, water, space to grow, and fertilization.
  • Annual use of fertilizers is all that is needed for fig tree care.
  • Fig trees don’t need much pruning or trimming in fact they hate to be hurt and might even die if not done properly at the correct time. Unlike other pruning fruit trees, you can prune the trees during late winter just before they start growing.
  • Fig fruits have to ripen in the tree to taste delicious so allow the figs to soften in the trees before harvesting them.

weeping fig tree

The weeping fig tree is also called the “ficus benjamina tree and they are grown as indoor decorative plants. Weeping fig tree care begins even before you start planting them in the containers. It needs:

  • Moist soil
  • Regular watering
  • Seasonal care.

For better Weeping Fig Tree Care:

  • Shape the fig trees during early spring.
  • Wipe clean the leaves to keep off dust.
  • Clean leaves also absorb more humidity.
  • Avoid using wax-based cleaners to clean the leaves.
  • Add fertilizers once in few weeks to maintain its health.

Dwarf fig tree care

Dwarf fig tree care is also almost similar to weeping fig tree care. Care for indoor fig trees like weeping figs if you wish to ripe good fig fruits organically.

Use natural fertilizers like compost. Mulch properly using the compost fertilizer and use seaweed extract for Foliar spraying once a month at least during the growing season.

During very cold winter months you can cover them with straw-filled hardware cloth or a cylindrical cage which helps in insulating the fig tree. Fig tree care can also be undertaken by trenching the figs during fall and unearthing them in spring.

If you grow them in containers you have to bring them indoors during the winter months.

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