How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space Before Summer


How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space Before Summer

How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space Before Summer

For a lot of folks, the pandemic era created even more reasons to love the great outdoors. That’s why many homeowners have been hard at work upgrading their outdoor spaces, such as backyards, gardens, patios, outdoor kitchens, and more.

Improving outdoor spaces is a rewarding long-term investment for your family’s health and happiness. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that outdoor spaces are now among home buyers’ most-wanted features, either.

If you’re looking to create a top-notch outdoor space for your home, read on. We’re going to round up seven outdoor upgrades your neighbours will be jealous of — from outdoor kitchen kits to pergolas and so much more. 

1. Add an outdoor kitchen for easy entertaining

A grill is a great start, but if you really want to take your outdoor cooking to the next level, installing an outdoor kitchen is an amazing way to do it. Outdoor kitchen kits are even available to give you an all-in-one outdoor cooking space that’s ready for throwing the best cookout ever, right in your backyard.

It’s also important to have a grill that you genuinely love cooking on. With so many types of grills available, it’s always worth looking for the one that suits you best! There’s nothing wrong with the classics like charcoal and gas, but newer alternatives like wood-burning pellet grills or even grills with wifi capability can also be appealing to backyard chefs.

2. Revamp your Landscaping

Changing up your landscaping is like a fresh coat of paint for your yard. It livens things up, adds character and puts everything in a new perspective! These are a few ways to apply a little shine to your landscaping:

  • Install a stone path to give a “guided tour” of your yard
  • Change up what’s in your flower beds
  • Add one or more new trees
  • Introduce some new statuary or other outdoor art
  • Create a vegetable garden for homegrown cooking with your new outdoor kitchen
  • Installing a fountain or pond

If you don’t want an extreme backyard makeover, try implementing one small landscaping change at a time. This will help spread the cost out and keep your backyard functional during the entire process.

3. Get the Vibe Just Right with Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is another powerful tool for creating the outdoor atmosphere you want in your backyard. Without great lighting, you might feel like you need to take the fun indoors after dark.

Add some outdoor lighting and you’ll want to show everybody how awesome your patio looks! Smart outdoor lighting sources are especially flexible and powerful options. A set of string lights covering your deck can set a perfect atmosphere for nighttime relaxing.

These sophisticated systems let you control lighting colours, levels and other parameters from a mobile app on your device. However, the smartest lighting choice of all might be a few bug zappers to take care of the insects your lighting system will attract.

4. Add A/V Gear for Enjoying your Favorite Media Outside

It’s the 21st century, so why not take advantage of the ability to enjoy your favourite shows, movies, sports and music outside? Outdoor A/V gear like TVs, projectors and Bluetooth speakers will give you an awesome way to entertain family and friends, or to keep yourself amused while you’re grilling.

Some people love to have a speaker system playing their favourite hits at the cookout. Others like to host a movie night with a projector and outdoor screen. Whatever your choice, make sure to go for specially designed outdoor electronics, which are designed to withstand the everyday rigours of being outside.

Add AV Gear for Enjoying your Favorite Media Outside

5. Install an Extender for Outdoor WiFi Service

For many people, the ability to connect their devices anywhere is a must-have for their lifestyles. That’s why outdoor WiFi service can be a huge upgrade for your patio setup. Using a WiFi range extender device, you can bring your home’s network outside for you and all your guests to enjoy!

Outdoor data service is important if you plan to install the outdoor media devices we just talked about. In addition, it can be a perfect choice if you work from home. Take your laptop to the backyard and enjoy the instant mood boost of sunlight and fresh air! Finally, a WiFi extender is also good for those who want to use smart devices like WiFi pellet grills as part of their patio setups.

6. Install a Fountain, Waterfall or Pond

There’s something about water that makes many people feel happier and more relaxed. Whatever its root cause may be, adding water features like a fountain, waterfall or pond to your backyard is a great way to capture the benefits!

A fountain or waterfall feature is great for anybody who likes the ornamental beauty of running water. For those who like observing ecosystems in action, putting in a koi pond can give you endless hours of enjoyment and an excellent conversation piece.

Make sure to have your water systems installed by a professional, especially if they’ll be home for living creatures.

7. Get some high-quality shade for your hangout zone.

Adding a little shade to your patio is extremely important on those days when the sun is just a little too much or a drizzle of rain starts coming down. That’s why awnings, pergolas and other types of outdoor covers are such popular additions to people’s backyards today.

Consider the needs of your backyard and look over the many shade options available. A patio table with an umbrella might be enough for your needs, or you might want to explore freestanding structures like gazebos and pergolas. Many models also offer side shades that can give you extra privacy on your patio.


Your outdoor space is the perfect place to savour the best moments with people you love. So, while you ultimately don’t need a decked-out backyard to enjoy the best parts of being outside, it certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to making memories in your home!

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