How to Use Solar Energy for Your Garden


How to Use Solar Energy for Your Garden

How to Use Solar Energy for Your Garden

There isn’t a better way of turning sunlight into electricity than through your garden. After all, plants are a lot like solar panels. They capture sunlight and convert it into energy.

There is a lot of beauty in using the sun to power a garden. Photovoltaic technology has been evolving and today, it is more versatile and sophisticated than it’s ever been. It can be used in almost all garden applications. Here are a few ways to take advantage of solar energy in your garden.

1. Powering Your Gardening Tools

Every garden needs a few tools and some of them may use electricity. They include trimmers and lawnmowers. With a single well-positioned solar panel, you can do a lot of work. The best thing about it is that your panel doesn’t need professional installation.

With one 80-W panel, you can get enough electricity to power your garden lights, fountains, and pumps. These panels work just like solar lights. They soak in solar energy and convert it into electricity to power various tools.

2. Fountains and Ponds

Solar-powered ponds and fountains are perfect. They add to the appeal of your backyard and may be the main attraction of your garden. Regular fountains are connected to electrical cords which can be safety hazards. With solar power, however, the risk is mitigated. You are unlikely to get into power-related accidents.

The variety of solar-powered pumps is huge. You can always find something that swirls water for decorative purposes. Setting your fountain up is a simple and straightforward process. You get to set the pattern in which water sprays.

Floating water pumps are perfect for birdbaths. Submerged pumps allow you to create fish ponds or water fountains. The soothing sounds of water and birds are the cherry on top of a great garden.

3. Lighting

Outdoor solar lights are great for improving the general appearance of your garden. While most people love garden lighting, traditional options can be expensive. According to professionals from Artisan Electric, Inc, solar lights are some of the cheapest options. Your lights collect solar energy during the day and convert it to light at night. The LED lights don’t use too much power. Therefore, a few hours of sunlight are enough to light up the garden all night.

Use solar lights to accentuate the focal points of your garden and illuminate pathways. There is a wide variety of solar lights and you can choose whatever matches your style needs. Some lights go on the ground and others are hung above your fence or garden. The colors and sizes vary as well.

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4. Solar Irrigation

Solar irrigation is one of the most sensible inventions in the gardening world. If you have a large garden, keeping track of its watering needs can be a challenge. Water pumps are demanding and you need to power them manually. If you aren’t careful, you may overwater or underwater your garden.

Automatic, solar-powered irrigation is convenient and effective. When it is sunny, your plants need more water. Using sunshine for irrigation is sheer genius.

The idea is simple and straightforward. Once you have your solar panel set up, kick-start a pump in your water tank. It will deliver water directly to your plants. Irrigation will continue for a few hours. It stops when the charged battery is exhausted. The battery charges through sunlight again and the process repeats itself. Even though adjusting the settings will take a while, things get easier over time.

Solar-powered sprinklers are eco-friendly, user-friendly, and reliable. They help you cover the boring part of gardening.

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5. Solar Greenhouses

One of the latest inventions in the solar power world is solar glazing. Fine photovoltaic cell films are embedded in glass. This makes it possible to collect power through windows. By glazing a solar greenhouse, you can generate enough energy to power it. Even though this option is costly, it can help generate a lot of power.

6. Solar-Powered Mower Robots

Gardening can be very labor-intensive. Tasks like mowing take a lot of time. They can take the fun out of the gardening process. With a solar-powered mower robot, your garden will be mowed at your convenience. All you need to do is turn it on and it will mow the grass on your behalf. You end up with a neat garden without having to do much.

7. Solar-Powered Sheds

Solar-powered sheds will take your gardening to the next level. If you want to turn your shed into a little piece of heaven, solar panels are your best friend. After all, electricity is one of your biggest costs. Saving on it means saving in general.

The bigger your needs, the higher your energy demand, and the more you need solar panels. In the past, the most efficient way of powering a shed was with underground cables. However solar systems are more affordable. They are also convenient when your shed is far from the house.

Are Solar Panels In the Garden a Good Decision?

Are Solar Panels In the Garden a Good Decision

Installing solar panels in your garden is not only possible but also recommended. After all, the garden is one of the most exposed parts of your property. It receives a lot of sunlight and you may be able to reap lots of benefits from it.

With the help of voltaic wonders, you can save a lot of money on energy bills. Solar panels lower your energy consumption. They are great for lighting up the garden, irrigation, powering your garden tools, and powering water features. If you don’t want panels on your roof, you can benefit from backyard solar panels.

If there is a lot of space in your garden, find an open area and position the panels strategically to ensure that they are receiving as much sunlight as possible. There is no need to worry about roof installation.

Owning a garden is great. Gardens are not only beautiful but also good for your health. They promote relaxation and physical activity. Dealing with plants promotes a sense of wellness. It may be a great way of introducing some wildlife to your space. However, it is not all roses and chirping birds.

Maintaining a garden takes a lot of work and power. Consider using solar panels to save time and money. Options like solar-powered lights, irrigation, and gardening tools make gardening easy for you. Using renewable energy is also good for the environment.

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