A Helpful Guide: How To Use Trees To Improve Your Home’s Exterior


A Helpful Guide How To Use Trees To Improve Your Home's Exterior

Many homeowners have a lot of space on their property but they are unaware of the benefits of landscaping, planting, and greenery. Living in a home surrounded by lush greenery and plants is recommended by a variety of health professionals. This is why you need to add greenery around your house to enhance the exterior of the house and welcome the numerous health benefits of having a trees nearby.

Role of Tree Surgeons

A tree surgeon’s responsibility is to take good care of trees and give them general treatment to keep them healthy and strong. However, their job is not only restricted to trimming and pruning of the overgrown trees. They are also required to remove harmful trees and replace them with new stocks. Due to the nature of the work, the tree surgeons should be physically fit and trained to use their tools correctly. Using a chainsaw can be difficult for an average individual if they are not physically fit.

Removal of Dead Branches

The removal of dead and weak branches improves the health of a tree. Pruning some branches is necessary because of which the whole tree is suffering. A good tree surgeon will identify which branches must be removed and which can be left on the tree.

A surgeon uses chainsaws and other pieces of equipment for the removal of weak and dead branches. They have to climb on the trees to complete the job and although it is a dangerous process, hiring an experienced tree surgeon will make it relatively easier.

Tree Inspection

Detailed assessments of all trees are conducted by the tree surgeon to investigate and estimate the potential risks of each tree. Through this inspection, they identify and analyze which parts of the tree require work to maintain the tree’s health.

Since public safety is a priority, tree inspections should be performed regularly on public sites. Whereas on private sites, a surgeon needs to discuss relevant points with the clients which include tree services, estimated amount, and the amount of disturbance that is likely to be involved.

Vegetation Clearance

Any site for large development and land projects usually needs vegetation clearance. Removing trees is mostly done on the vegetation sites to clear the space from trees and vegetation and utilize that area.

Removing a Tree

A tree surgeon will put all efforts to ensure that the tree survives without having to cut it into pieces. However, to maintain public safety and even if there is a slight chance of harm, removing a tree is the only option left. Removing large trees is a bit dangerous and in this process, several systematic stages are involved.

Usually, in the removing process, the climber climbs up the tree and ensures their comfort before initiating the process of cutting. While the surgeon works on the branch, there are several other people involved in the team that ensure the safety of the climber on the ground under the tree.

How to Improve Your Home’s Exterior by Intelligent Tree Planting?

Trees are essential in creating soothing and aesthetic corners in the exterior part of your house. You can play with them in different ways and create different types of places outside your house. Here are a few different placements that can add beauty and improve the exterior of your house.

Specimen Tree

If you want minimal addition on the rooftop, backyard, garden, and terrace then plant a specimen tree. A specimen tree is a large single tree with a strong upright trunk and a focal point that provides shade. You can also plant it in the middle of your hall if the height of the roof is sufficiently high. It’s better to plant them in a large space because they require a significant amount of area to grow and further spread their roots.


Allee is a pathway of trees used to add beauty. These are enclosed in the path vertically with their height and provide shade to the environment. They create an aesthetic outdoor hallway that is hard to be developed artificially.

If you want to add plants to your pathway then choose the right type of plant that can create Allee. Before planting them, ensure that you clean the space and remove the dead plants. In addition, referencing the insights of the Wildwood Tree Surgeons, a professional tree surgeon will allow you to add perfection outside your house with great ease. Furthermore, you can also employ the services of a professional exterior designer to help your surgeon in designing the outdoor area of the house.


If you have a small space then prefer planting a quad of trees. It’s another planting style of trees that works and enhances the beauty well with clean lines and flooring. Quad of trees is mostly recommended to plant at the swimming pool area.

Pleached Trees

These are gaining popularity because of their design along with the privacy feature. The pleaching trees look like a vegetation screen; they create a line of trees that have been pruned and elevated up on the wall.

Benefits of Having Trees Around Your House

Trees require care and attention just like human beings to grow and stay healthy. There are a few things that should be done to maintain the good health of the trees, and the most important of them all is to ensure that they have been watered and trimmed regularly.

Since they provide excellent picturesque feels on both the front and back of your house, you should go the extra mile in maintaining their health. When you provide them care, they return the favor by providing you with the following:

  • Adds value to your property.
  • Blocks sun heat from entering your home.
  • Improves environment and air quality.
  • Keeps your home cool during summers.
  • Provide privacy and soothing and relaxing views.
  • Reduces stress.

If you are fond of greenery and plants around your home and want to increase its curb appeal, the above-mentioned tips of planting trees in the backyard and on the front of the house are tailor-made for you. Implementing these will give a creative and soothing look to your home exterior as well as cool down your home naturally from the scorching summer heat.

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