How To Utilize a Wooden Bench?


How To Utilize a Wooden Bench?

How To Utilize a Wooden Bench

When it comes to versatility and functionality, there is almost nothing more suitable for multiple purposes than a wooden bench. Wooden benches can be placed indoors or out and can be used for seating or storage, as a work surface, or simply as an attractive addition to any decor. A wooden bench has many uses and can either be purchased in a variety of styles or can easily be built by those interested in a fairly basic do-it-yourself construction project.

Of course, you can find plenty of uses for an indoor wooden bench, but for the purposes of this article, we will be referring to the many options in which you can use an outdoor wooden bench.

The main difference between indoor and outdoor wooden benches is in the type of wood that is used and how they are finished. Benches for outdoor use need to be protected from the weather so that they will hold up against the effects of moisture and the sun.

This is easily done with a sealer or protective coating. Other than that, there are not huge differences between how wooden benches are constructed for indoor or outdoor use.

Here are a few different ways you can utilize a wooden bench in your backyard or garden:

Wooden Garden Bench

Wooden garden benches are a popular addition to many garden spaces. This is because they provide a place to sit and enjoy the garden while blending in nicely with the décor due to their natural wood design.

Wooden garden bench designs vary widely, from a bench made from natural twigs and sticks that is purely designed to create a rustic and natural feel in the garden to a wooden park bench that evokes a more traditional feel and can add interest to the garden while creating a functional space to sit and enjoy the view.

Wooden garden benches can have high backs or no backs, can include planters on either side of the bench to house additional flowers or plants, and can be left in their natural state, painted or stained. While a rustic wooden bench may be at home amongst a bed of wildflowers, a white wooden bench may brighten up a more formal garden space. Each type of wooden bench can evoke a completely different feel within the garden.

Wooden Storage Bench

Wooden storage benches not only provide a place to sit, but also offer added functionality because they provide outdoor storage space as well. A wooden storage bench can be used just about anywhere you would place any other type of bench or seating – on a deck or patio, in the garden, near a pool, near the entrance to a house, in a play area or anywhere else that you can benefit from seating and storage. A wooden bench with storage offers the ultimate in functionality and does not compromise design.

Like a wooden garden bench, a storage bench can vary in design as to whether it contains a back or has arms, how it is finished (stain, paint, left natural, etc.), and more. The only difference is that the wooden bench seat will have some type of hinge that can be opened up so that items can be stored inside and the area of the bench providing storage should keep the elements out so the items inside are protected. Even a wooden toy bench can be used outdoors to house the kids’ playthings, as long as it is treated to withstand the elements.

Wooden Deck Bench

Wooden Deck BenchWhen designing a deck, many homeowners request that a wooden deck bench be incorporated into the deck design. Wooden deck benches can be built right into the deck during the construction process, or you can purchase or build a freestanding wooden deck bench to use for seating or storage on the deck.

Often the benches that are built directly into the deck are wooden bench seats that are situated along the edge or railing of a deck and do not contain their own backs.

If you are adding a deck bench after the fact, there are enough wooden bench designs available commercially to compliment most deck designs, or you can have a contractor build a wooden deck bench that works well with your deck. If you know how to build a wooden bench, you can even easily build one yourself, or you can check out some wooden bench plans online to find out how to make a wooden bench that would match your existing deck.

No matter what you choose to do, incorporating a wooden deck bench into your deck design plans or adding one to an existing deck provides added functionality, seating space, and even storage if you build it as a storage bench.

Wooden Shower Bench

Wooden Shower BenchFor those homeowners that have outdoor showers, a wooden shower bench is a great addition. Wooden shower benches are typically constructed from teak or cedar and are sealed for protection due to their continual exposure to moisture.

Wooden shower benches are much more attractive than shower benches constructed from other materials. These benches can also be used near a pool area or hot tub and are well suited to any locations that receive a lot of moisture.

Wooden Workbench

Wooden workbenches are not really benches at all, but more like work tables. Nevertheless, a wooden workbench can serve a functional purpose outdoors or in a garage or large shed.

Wooden workbenches can be used for small construction projects, as potting benches, or are perfect anytime you need some space to work outdoors or in a garage, shed, basement, or other space. You can even build your own small wooden bench while working on your workbench!

There are many types of wooden bench designs to choose from and many uses for them. Whether you are looking for some extra seating or storage or simply need an interesting piece of furniture to place in the garden, a wooden bench is always at home in the outdoors.

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