Husqvarna Gas Chain Saws Review


Husqvarna Gas Chain Saws

Husqvarna Gas Chain Saws

The Husqvarna gas chain saw is considered by many experts as one of the best brands of chainsaws in the world. They are used exclusively by forestry and loggers on the West Coast of the United States. Husqvarna has one the widest range of chain saws for both the professional and the homeowner. They are distinguished by their low weight and high power. A slim body, high center of gravity, low gyroscopic forces make this saw comfortable and easy to use.

Primitive Chain Saws

Early chain saws were clumsy and very large. They needed at least two people to operate. The first modern chain saw, one as we know it today was a Husqvarna gas chain saw manufactured in 1959. At this time chain saws were only used for cutting trees down. The de-limbing was done still by an ax.

In early 1960 the Husqvarna gas chain saw model 70 changed the forestry industry. It was so light and easy to use that it could be used for de-limbing also. But this also created some problems. Now loggers were using their chain saws longer each day. The vibrations caused by the bar and the engine caused circulation problems for the loggers and they were getting what was called “white finger”.

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Husqvarna to the Rescue

In 1969, a Husqvarna chain saw was developed to address the increased problems with hand and finger circulation suffered by loggers. It was the model 180 and had lower vibration levels than any other saw.

1973 Husqvarna has another break thru for their chain saws. This was model 140. It was smaller, handier, and lighter than any other Husqvarna gas chain saw. It was also the first chain saw ever with an automatic chain brake.

Since those early days, Husqvarna has made many breakthroughs in the chain saw industry. They have developed a Husqvarna gas chain saw for both professional and also occasional use. They developed a crankcase with a composite material for a lighter and handier chain saw. In 1983 they released a professional saw with plastic parts.

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Some Reasons to Choose a Husqvarna Gas Chain Saw?

* Air injection serves as a centrifugal air cleaning system. This promotes a longer time between filter cleanings, reduced wear, and smoother operations.

* Start Smart uses a decompression button that makes starting easier with less wear on starting components.

* The Husqvarna chain saw uses a two-mass principle where the handles are away from the engine and they use rubber mounts or steel springs.

  • Cleaning is made easier by the use of a bayonet fitting that makes the air filter easy to remove.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner: makes chain adjustments extremely quick and easy.
  • Forged three-piece crankshafts provide better durability even under the harshest working conditions.
  • A transparent fuel tank that shows you when it is time to refuel.

Some Reviews on Husqvarna Chain Saw

I live in the Maine Paperwoods. I have cut truckloads of pulpwood, have a sawmill, and heat with wood. I have been using a chainsaw over forty years now. I have two Husky 350 saws (one just out of the box when my 25 yr old Jonesred’s pull cord plastic spring holder broke with no new parts available). I always have a backup and one in the box new because I depend on them so much (that makes three saws).

I was shopping for a replacement when I came across two poor reviews on the 450. I spent the day in the woods today bucking up firewood from trees that have died over the summer. I have a friend with a Husky 450 (it is almost identical in size and power as my two 350s which have recently been discontinued). I tried to count how many seconds it took to cut through a 3-inch maple or white birch limb.

It turns out it is quicker than I can say “Jack Robinson”. If I were not careful it would cut through the limb and then through my leg quicker than I could say “Boo”. If the person gets his saw figured out if he is not careful folks might call him “Stumpy”. This saw cuts through softwood limbs like through a roll of toilet paper and doesn’t even slow down. A 12-inch maple takes ten seconds.

This is a semi-professional (if not professional) saw. It is easy to repair with affordable parts and can be fixed on a stump most of the time. Jonsered is a good saw, but parts availability can be a serious issue. Stihl is highly regarded by some (arborists), but they can only be bought through local dealers and parts are tightly controlled and handled by the same. Bar nuts can be as much as $3.50 each or more! The 350 came with open drivers on the centrifugal clutch which drives the chain.

When cutting brush and small limbs sometimes the chain will jump off; the open driver tears up the chain which in turn tears up the bar in short order (it took me a while to figure out this problem with the 350). Bailey’s Online has a new clutch drum and a removable internal driver which works perfectly through untold mountains of wood and brush. If the 450 comes with an open driver I will change it before I use it. I get almost all my sewing supplies from Bailey’s.

I would advise using freshly mixed fuel in the tank, and oil. Give the pull cord a couple of yanks with the choke on, and then yank again. If this fellow follows these directions there should be a terrible roaring sound (has to be endured for proper operation). If it still does not cut the only other possibility is the chain is on backward! I did that once on the coast of Maine. The old fellow I was cutting with still teases me about how badly my saw cut after the extensive rebuild I had completed (I was so happy my saw was running so well it was not immediately obvious why it only scratched the firewood).

If he gets it running correctly, please wear a saw hat (helmet with brush shield and ear protectors), saw pants or chaps, and be exceedingly careful. I run skidders, tractors, dozers, excavators, dump trucks, loaders, and many other dangerous machines; but, this chainsaw takes the cake when it comes to dangerous. Do not cut over your head; keep your feet and legs far away from the running chain. I am afraid a boy has bought a man’s tool (but then I was a boy once, everyone starts somewhere).

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