Indoor Gardening the Feng Shui Way


Indoor Gardening Feng Shui Plants

Indoor Gardening the Feng Shui Way

Indoor Gardening the Feng Shui Way

What kind of plants you use and where you place them in your house or home, can influence the way you feel? This idea called Feng Shui – has been around for centuries. The Theory is that everything processes energy, especially living things. If you surround yourself with plants and beautiful, comfortable home furnishings, you will feel better than if your home is full of dead or dying, plants and old furniture you don’t care about.

Think about it: have you ever walked into a home that just didn’t feel right to you? You felt uncomfortable or ill an ease because the energy was off.

One way to improve the energy in your home is through your choice of plants. Generally, you should avoid plants that have spiky leaves. Unless you have a particular affinity for them, they won’t help your energy and could even hurt it, plants with soft, round leaves are considered to be better, according to feng shui principles.

You should also avoid dead or dying plants. This may seem obvious, but how many of us are holding onto sick plants that we love? If you can’t save the plant, get rid of it, or if you can’t bear to part with it, at lease move it outside so it doesn’t affect the energy inside your home

Wich Plants to Use

The most popular plant in feng shui is the lucky bamboo. It can be placed anywhere in your home and needs very natural light.

Some other plants and flowers and their meaning:

  • Jade plants: enhance prosperity
  • African violets: Security
  • Any dark green climbing plat: represent the desire for growth

The containers you use are also important. Big terra cotta planters represent stability, so you might consider using them in areas where you feel insecure. If your family life isn’t exactly what you would wish, put a plant in a terra cotta container in your family section.

Colors can also influence your energy. Use plants with white flowers in the helpful people section to draw friends to you. Yellow and orange flowers in the wealth section can improve your finance. To improve your life place peonies, red roses, or pink cyclamen in your marriage section. To increase your fame, place red flowers in your fame section. If you want to bring more money into your life, place a Sweetheart vine or jade plant in your wealth section. Indoor trees placed in your career section can help boost a stalled career.

Where to Put plants

one good place to put houseplants is near you’re your front entrance. You want everyone who enters your home to have sharp angles in your home. Western architecture is enamored with angles, but the Eastern Philosophy is that sharp corners send out what is called poison arrows, or bad energy. If you’ve ever banged your shin on a square coffee table or continuously run into the same door frame, you’ll understand what this means. Put plants on the edge of square tables or near doorways so people become more aware of them and this will cut down on accidents.

Energy Flows from room to room throughout your house, but it can collect in corners where it becomes stagnant. By putting plants in the corners of rooms, especially in those places where something feels not quite right to you, you can disperse the negative energy. Try it, and you’ll see that you do feel better.

In feng shui, your house is divided into 09 section:

Wealth Fame / Reputation Marriage / Relationship
Family Health Children / Creativity
Knowledge Career Helpful people / Contacts

Stand at your front door, look into your house, superimpose this grid on your floor plan, you will see which areas of your home fall in which sections. It is helpful to put plants in any section that needs improvement. For example, I wanted to improve my career, so I put bamboo plants in the career, wealth, and fame section of my home ( and yes, I have seen results).

Other good places to use plants:

  • Near electrical equipment to counteract the energy they give off
  • Inside an unused fireplace to keep positive energy from escaping
  • Under sloping ceilings to keep negative energy to flow and to calm nervous energy.
  • There is one exception to the spiky plant rule: use them near windows to discourage intruders.

The most important thing to remember about Feng Shui and indoor plants is your intention. If you place certain plants in certain areas with the intention that they will work, that they will accomplish what you desire, then they will. Give it a try and see if it works for you. 4000 years pf feng shui can’t be wrong.

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