Industrial Interior: Combining Functionality and Style


Industrial Interior: Combining Functionality and Style

Industrial Interior Combining Functionality and Style

Old factory lamps, exposed pipes, a leather sofa… We call this an industrial living style, but what do we actually know about this still extremely popular style? Industrial interiors often look robust and rough, but make no mistake – they are anything but boring! So, how do industrial interiors combine functionality and style? If you want to find out, keep reading!

Go for raw materials

Industrial interiors are known for their use of raw materials. Lucky for you, this means that you’ll spend less time and money on decorative finishes. You can alternate between smooth backdrops and rough brick walls or wooden beams, forget about laminate flooring, and choose polished concrete instead. Additionally, choose simple industrial storage brackets instead of oversized closets for your storage. The low maintenance makes it all simple, fast, and stylish!

Choose furniture with minimal details 

Continue the raw and minimalist theme in your furniture choices. This really means less is more, cliché but true. However, if you like to showcase a bit more detail, consider furniture where the internal mechanisms are visible. This adds flexibility and better flow to your home, allowing you to personalize the space with unique accessories while maintaining the simplicity of the design.

Illuminate with industrial lighting 

One standout feature of the industrial interiors is the lighting fixtures. These fixtures are often vintage-inspired, with either big exposed light bulbs or pendant lights that fill the room with brightness, but also a feeling of nostalgia in some way. Lighting fixtures serve both as decorative elements and functional elements, adding character to a space.

Repurposing and upcycling 

Industrial design frequently involves incorporating vintage furniture, which embraces the idea of giving new life to old objects and materials. This approach adds a unique touch to your interior while contributing to sustainability by reducing waste. An industrial home really tells a story through the repurposing of items that carry their own rich history, creating a sense of curiosity and warmth in the environment.

The industrial style effortlessly combines functionality and style into its unique interior choices, making your home look visually appealing with a touch of nostalgia. Raw materials, minimalist furniture details, soft industrial lighting, and repurposed vintage pieces are not to be missed in an industrial style. The beauty of this style adds depth and meaning to your home while also ensuring practicality. So, let’s embrace that robust look!

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