Inexpensive Potting Bench Ideas


Inexpensive Potting Bench Ideas

Inexpensive Potting Bench Ideas

There are potting bench ideas that can suit one’s needs or many different needs. Whether you use a plan or design the bench yourself, you can make it match your tastes. The garden is an important part of the yard. When you have a potting bench, it makes working in the garden so much easier.

You can keep all your tools by the bench and repot plants from the nursery. The best way to make a bench for the garden is with wood and other things you might have around the house or something you find at a garage sale. You can make portable or stationary potting benches.

Stationary Potting Bench Ideas

Tulips in Patio Area

Stationary potting benches are nice for patios where you want to work in the sun or the shade. These benches can have drawers for supplies as well as one or more shelves for storage. The nice thing about these types of potting benches is that they can be used for multiple projects.

The top part of the bench could be used as a little greenhouse for starting new plants. This is ideal for those who like to grow their own plants instead of buying them from a nursery.

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How to Make the Stationary Potting Bench

Things you will need:

  • Ten 4×4’s six feet long
  • One piece of plywood – for the bottom shelf, tabletop, and greenhouse bottom)
  • Thirty-two screws- two inches long
  • One single stainless steel sink (find at a garage sale or demolition site)
  • Plexiglas- large enough to make the top, sides, front, and back of the greenhouse
  • Four smaller hinges for the front Plexiglas doors
  • Two cabinet doorknobs
  • Screwdriver

Step 1

Cut two front legs and two longer back legs to accommodate the benchtop and the top shelf greenhouse. (52L x (72H back legs) (50H front legs) x 30W) Cut 6 side braces (22 inches) out of the 4x4s to fit between the legs. Cut 4 4×4’s to fit between the front and back of the bench legs on the bottom, benchtop, and greenhouse shelf (44 inches).

Cut 2 4×4 pieces to support the front of the greenhouse from the benchtop to the greenhouse top (12 inches, measure to confirm the length needed from the benchtop to the top of the back leg top).

Step 2

Lay the two pieces for the front legs down and attach the front center brace with two screws on each side. Then do the same for the back legs. The braces should be about three feet from the ground.

Step 3

Attach the center brace to one side of the back leg and the other side to the front leg. Do the same for the other side. Use two screws on each side. Then attach the center brace between the front and back legs for the benchtop.

Step 4

Attach the greenhouse front braces to the benchtop. Use two screws on each brace. Screw the braces from the bottom of the benchtop. Attach the greenhouse front legs to the 4×4 braces on the side braces of the benchtop.

Step 5

Attach a front center, back center, and two side braces to form the bottom of the greenhouse. Then attach the front, back, and side braces for the top of the greenhouse. These braces should be even with the front and back leg tops.

Step 6

Measure the stainless steel sink and make the appropriate cut on the benchtop on the far left or right side. Insert the sink and use chalking to seal the sink edge on the benchtop.

Step 7

Measure the Plexiglas and cut it to fit the sides and back of the greenhouse area. Cut the top piece and attach it to the top of the legs. Drill holes in the Plexiglas and attach them to the 4×4 legs with screws. Cut a front piece from leg to leg and then cut it in half.

Attach each side to the legs with two hinges on each side. Drill a single hole in each section for the doorknobs. Seal the edges with clear chalk if needed. Do not do this on the front, only on the sides and back.

Step 8

Cut the benchtop, greenhouse floor, and bottom shelf out of the plywood. Measure to fit.

Finishing Touches

You can stain or paint the potting bench to protect the wood from the weather. If you do use a stain, you will want to treat the wood with a repellant of some type. If you are painting the bench, you can add a polyurethane coat to repel water.

Potting Bench

A Potting Bench is a perfect addition to every garden. Not only is a Potting Bench stylish and attractive, but it is very versatile and practical as well.

By utilizing a Potting Bench, you can have all of your seeds, pots, and gardening utensils within easy reach. You can store items such as potting soil, pots, and planters on the bottom shelf. Your Potting Bench will double for many other activities, such as a work table, carving area, and anything else you can imagine.

The Potting Bench is the perfect location for transplanting, rooting, pruning, and cutting your plants. Not only will your Potting Bench lend organization to your garden, but you will also save labor on your back and knees.

Many Potting Benches will contain a guard on the back to keep soil on your bench and not allow it to fall onto your deck or patio. This is also a wonderful way to keep your area clean and neat while keeping up to date with your planting needs.

The Potting Bench: Assembly and Purchase

You may decide to purchase your Potting Bench or build it yourself. There are many companies that will sell the specs, and equipment needed, and even go so far as to pre-drill the holes into your bench. If you build it yourself, you will also need to finish it.

Whether you purchase or build your Potting Bench, make sure that you have your bench weatherproofed. Choices abound in coloring finishes and your decision on finishing your bench is limited only by your imagination, creativity, and outdoor decor.

Potting Bench and Your Back

As many gardeners can testify, bending over to the garden can take its toll on your back and can be a great source of back pain. With your potting bench, you can avoid lifting and bending and work on your plants at your level.

This is a much better alternative than overstraining your muscles planting and transplanting while on your knees. Not only will your garden look better with your Potting Bench, but your back will thank you for it too.


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