Interested in Woodworking? Here’s How to Start


Interested in Woodworking? Here’s How to Start

Interested in Woodworking Here's How to Start

Is 2022 going to be the year you finally start the hobby you’ve been thinking about for years? Perhaps the events of the past year have given you time to reflect, and you now want to learn a new craft and discover a potential trade.

Woodworking is a highly sought-after, skill and expertise to have. The ability to shape, carve, and make objects out of wood is a unique and valuable skill. Not only is it beneficial, but it’s extremely enjoyable too. The ability to create something using your hands, specialist tools, and raw materials is an incredible mastery that needs to be cherished.

In the modern-day, we’re lucky enough to teach ourselves and learn the skills we desire. An interest can become an ability through the sharing and distribution of knowledge and information.

Whilst you might be excited to start woodworking, the magnitude of such a project can be intimidating. Like all crafts, it’s difficult to know where to start. We’ve broken down our top tips for how to start woodworking and what you’ll need.

Learn How To Use Your Equipment

The most important knowledge you need to obtain when it comes to your woodworking journey is learning how to use your equipment. Woodworking is a skill that relies heavily on the use of good equipment led by well-trained hands. You’re not going to get very far without understanding how to use the tools you need.

Woodwork is a broad industry, encompassing carpentry, woodturning, wood carving, and more. As a result of the industry’s magnitude, innumerable brands are manufacturing a diverse range of woodworking tools. Again, this can feel overwhelming when you’re somewhat of a novice. The quickest and easiest way to learn is to go to the experts.

The workshop professionals provide thorough reviews and information on the best tools on the market. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides and how-to’s, learning from those with a wealth of experience and knowledge is the most efficient way to learn how to use your equipment correctly and safely.

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Understand Your Materials

To work with wood, you need to have an understanding of its different properties. Different projects require different wood. You need to become familiar with softwood, hardwood, and engineered wood. Learning about the textures, luster, macro-structure, density, internal stresses, warping, swelling, and cracking is all essential. Knowing how different woods work and react will help develop your woodwork abilities even before you’ve started.

There are lots of ways you can learn more about wood. The internet is a great resource for information; you can watch youtube videos, read blogs, and listen to podcasts about wood for free online.

Find A Mentor

Similarly, finding someone to guide you through your journey will make it a much easier and more enjoyable process. Having a mentor doesn’t mean physically finding a woodworker and paying them to teach you their craft, woodwork can be self-taught.  Of course, if you’d rather learn one on one, I’m sure you could find a talented woodworker who would love to pass on their trade!

However, as long as you have self-discipline and determination, you can learn this skill at home. Internet resources can help you with this. Find an online platform that resonates with your way of learning and immerse yourself in its content. This could be an individual or a team of woodworking experts.

Alternatively, if you learn better through more traditional methods, there are hundreds of books available on woodwork. These will talk you through woodworking in a more formulaic way that you can study and implement yourself.

Interested in Woodworking

Make The Space

Whilst you can learn woodworking from home, you need to dedicate space to your woodworking. Hobbies like painting for knitting can take place on the sofa or dining room table, woodwork demands a substantial amount of space. Wood is often a large and heavy material to work with. In addition to this, woodworking tools can be potentially dangerous with safety precautions needing to be in place.

It’s a good idea to make space in your home to dedicate to your materials, equipment, and practice. A garage or shed works best, but a spare room or outdoor area can work too.  Also, by dedicating this space to your new hobby, it will encourage you to keep practicing and make us of the area.

Start Simple

Whilst you might have big ambitions for your woodworking journey. Perhaps you want to make your furniture or charge people for your services, however, you need to start small. Like all creative endeavors, it takes time to get good. Don’t be disheartened when your ambitions aren’t in line with your capabilities.

Set yourself the task of making a shelf. This simple at-home DIY will demand you utilize the skills you’ve learned for a small and manageable project. The success of this endeavor will encourage you to continue, reaffirming your capabilities and providing you with a brand-new, beautifully carved shelf!

Other good beginner pieces to make include, picture frames, candleholders, cup holders, bird feeders, plant pots, bookstands, and pencil holders.

Stay Determined

Starting small might be frustrating, but it’s important not to be deterred. Determination is half the battle when facing a new creative endeavor. If you’re interested in woodwork and want to work with wood in fun and creative ways, you need to take the time to hone your skill. Whilst encompassing all of the above tips, you need to remain in a positive mindset. Stay determined and keep practicing your woodworking.

There’s never been a better time to hone a new skill or learn a new craft. Make 2021 the year of opportunity and experience. If you’ve always had an interest in woodwork and would love to know how to create things using wood, now is the time to get started! Take advantage of the wealth of learning resources available. Following our easy tips and recommendations, you can teach yourself woodwork, learn from experienced individuals, and be making your furniture in no time.

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