what you Should Know About Landscape and Landscaping


what you Should Know About Landscape and Landscaping


Storm the Desert with Desert Landscaping

The desert conjures up images of plenty of sand and tall cacti, however landscaping such a terrain does not necessarily only include planting cacti amongst rocks. Landscaping a desert would require one to add interesting slopes and curves that will move away from the strict rectangles and squares that highlight a desert. This would include the addition of pleasant walkways that lead up to the front door or the creation of gentle slopes that break the monotony of the desert plains.

Desert landscaping, which is also called xeriscaping, includes the use of plants that are available locally. The use of such locally available plants would ensure that plants that withstand the local climate are used. Desert landscaping plants should be drought resistant and low maintenance requiring low amounts of water. There are varied plants that fall into this category and these should be selected while opting for desert landscaping. An important desert landscaping plant is the aloe vera which is extremely popular for its medicinal purpose and therefore well sought after.

Desert landscaping plants need not be stick thin cacti, they include a large array of plants that stay green the whole year, while some of them even flowers during certain months. These can be a visual delight, especially in stark weather. Therefore it is imperative to choose one’s desert landscaping plants wisely before preparing to landscape the garden. These desert plants not only stay healthy for long periods of time but they are also low maintenance and require very little effort. This will act as a great boon for those who do not wish to struggle hard in the yard for prolonged periods. This is the reason why many of these plants are found commonly in parks and other common areas.

Desert landscaping designs should include desert landscaping plants like the Bougainville, Lantana and Pampas grass wherever possible. These plants are recommended by many desert landscape designers. Desert landscaping in Arizona using trees should also take into consideration the kind of trees that thrive under desert conditions. It has been found that certain trees like mesquite trees, Acacia trees, and the palm trees flourish well and can be used while desert landscaping in Arizona

Interesting desert landscaping ideas also comprise of rock gardens that are lined with cacti of different sizes. The prickly pear cactus is one of the most commonly used plants for such rock gardens. This plant gives rise to beautiful yellow flowers that precede red color fruits. These fruits, when prepared well, are edible!

While setting up the rock garden there are few things that need to be kept in mind. The rock gardens may be made up of small rocks or large boulders depending upon the size of the yard. Free flowing waterfalls and gentle streams are other added attractions for these rock gardens that would provide amusement and fascination for all.

Desert landscape designs call for careful water management as water is a scarce commodity in the desert. The most frequently used irrigation system for such landscape designs involves the use of drip irrigation. This way there is minimum wastage of water due to evaporation. Such irrigation methods ensure that the maintenance of desert landscape designs does not become difficult to manage.

Pebbles when used in a desert landscaping design render impressive highlights to certain specific areas of the yard like around shrubs and trees or even around captivating sculptures. They can even be added on the surface of mounds of sands for creative alterations to the usual rock gardens. These add color and are a visual delight.

Garden lights are other important additions in a desert landscape as they bring to life the beauty of the garden during the night. As the desert enjoys cool nights, it is during these times that people would have an opportunity to sit out. The blistering morning heat would never permit any time in the garden. So in order to cater to the soothing night sky, well-lit gardens act as captivating backdrops for pleasant conversations. Path lights that highlight the curves in the walkway and strategically placed garden lights that throw amusing shadows of trees and plants will greatly enhance the beauty of the desert landscape at night.

There are numerous pictures of desert landscaping that are available and these may be used to create the perfect desert landscape that would suit your yard as well as your budget. After choosing the right desert landscape design based on the pictures of desert landscaping, the required alteration should be carried out in the design plan to include one’s interests and tastes. This would add character and instill in the design a personal touch that would make the entire effort more meaningful.

Desert landscaping one’s yard need not be restricted to places that are arid like Arizona but can also be adopted in places where the amount of rain received is low. As desert landscaping requires very little maintenance and water supply, these landscape ideas work well anywhere. The desert landscape plants do not have to be watered often and so such landscape ideas require comparatively less time and effort.

The best way to implement a desert landscaping idea is to hire a local landscape contractor who will understand the region well and provide useful tips that will help in the maintenance of the yard.

Once all the interesting ideas have been collected, it is time to put the plan into action and to create the perfect desert landscape that would fill one with pride every time one steps out!

Drought Resistant Landscaping

landscape and landscaping

Drought resistant landscaping is also termed as xeriscaping. Drought resistant landscaping is a landscaping approach that uses minimal amounts of water and yet maintains the look of a traditional garden. It is a type of landscaping that employs slow-growing and drought-resistant plants so as to conserve water as well as reduce the necessity to trim the yard on a regular basis. Get drought-resistant landscaping ideas online or through your local landscaping experts. And you will find out that drought-tolerant landscaping has a number of advantages over conventional landscaping.

How Does Drought-Resistant Landscaping Works?

Drought resistant landscaping is actually becoming popular in places that are naturally dry and prone to drought. Semi-arid areas, more particularly those located in the West, are good places to apply Drought resistant landscaping. And you can now have the ability to enjoy a real garden no matter where your location is and without the need to run an unrestrained water supply to prevent the garden from drying up.

Setting up drought-resistant landscaping means one has to use cactus and rock gardens. But contrary to what many people think, these plants can be really beautiful if placed and combined properly. As for the flower, perennials are usually used, because this type of plant does not need too much water and has the capability to store nutrients in their bulbs and roots. There are a lot more drought-resistant plants that can be used and most of them are naturally beautiful even without maintenance.

Landscaping Edging

If you have walked or driven through a residential neighborhood you would have seen that homeowners have their own unique preferences when it comes to landscape edging. But what do we mean by landscape edging and what are the different ways to do it?

Landscape edging is decorating or ornamenting the flowerbeds in the landscape by using different materials. Some of the materials used are wood or metal brick or plastic

Why is this edging done anyway? Because it has definite advantages. Some of them are:

  • It adds a nice decorative touch
  • It makes things neat and tidy
  • It gives a clear crisp definition to garden plots
  • It keeps the soil and mulch in and grasses out of garden beds

Your choice of edging materials will depend upon what you are trying to achieve and also the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in the process.

Wood: You can use different types of wood in the edging process. Landscape timbers and railroad ties are popular, durable and relatively inexpensive.

Plastic: Plastic edging, may not be as aesthetic as wood or stone but it is reasonably priced, can last for decades, and is fairly simple to install.

Metal: Professionals often opt for the metal edging. It is slightly more expensive, but it lasts for a very long time and is easy to work with.

Advantages of Drought-Resistant Landscaping

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Drought resistant landscaping has a lot of benefits. And these are the reasons why people prefer this kind of garden to the usual ones. If you plan to build a drought-resistant landscaping today, you will enjoy these advantages:

  1. It conserves water 
    Since all plants and flower used are capable of either used to living in drier areas or keeping nutrients on their own, less water is needed. And if that’s the case, you will really save a lot on your water bills.
  2. Has minimal pests. 
    These types of plants are not really prone to pests. You need not worry about bugs and similar insects if you choose to install drought-resistant landscaping.
  3. Lesser plant disease problems. 
    If there are lesser pests, then there would be lesser contaminants and organisms to be transferred to the plants enough for it to acquire a common plant disease. This means less chemical work for the garden.

Keeping the beauty of landscapes intact using landscape maintenance companies

Landscape maintenance is an essential task for ensuring a beautiful landscape that stays that way and involves a lot of effort and care. Large and elaborate landscaped front and back yards need to be maintained professionally to ensure that the yard remains attractive. There are many landscape maintenance companies whose services can be availed to ensure that the yard is well maintained Pond Pumps. Such companies have a wide range of experience and are used to maintain the landscape of schools/ colleges, offices, mansions and even homeowners associations.

The landscape maintenance services offered include maintenance of the flowers and the shrubs that are part of the design. Proper irrigation as well as trimming the shrubs at the right time is part of the work involved. The manpower that is involved in such exercises is taught to be discrete and quiet and so there is no intrusion or discomfort caused as a result of them. Well maintained plants add a healthy appeal to the landscape and ensure vibrancy that will not be apparent when dull plants or wilting leaves are present. Since such care for plants require continuous checks and nurturing, professional landscape maintenance companies are the need of the hour.

Apart from ensuring that the plants and shrubs are disease-free and healthy, it is also essential that flowering plants that add vigor and color to the season are planted and cared for. Well planned landscaping ideas will include the addition of flowering plants at strategic places, flowering during different seasons and adding a brilliant dash of color to the landscape. There are even options to maintain a color scheme throughout the year, adding vibrancy and excitement.

Designing and planning a landscape does not stop with choosing the right flowering plants but for drought-ridden areas, selecting the correct varieties of plants is also an essential task. Minimal use of water should be the criterion for landscape maintenance and many landscape maintenance companies ensure this by providing proper irrigation. Generally, apart from selecting drought-resistant varieties, drip irrigation is followed. This will allow maximum absorption of water and minimum loss due to evaporation. The sprinklers that are used to water the lawns should be in good condition. Loss of water due to leakage is a terrible waste that is completely avoided due to strict checks and controls exercised by professional landscape maintenance companies.

The landscape maintenance companies also offer services that delve into the care of trees. Trees are routinely checked for health status and effective treatment measures carried out to improve the health of the tree. Pruning and trimming branches are also regular exercises that help keep the tree looking neat and prevent falling branches. Fertilizers are also provided to allow the tree to remain healthy and to grow well, which will, in turn, improve the quality of the landscape. Tree care services are generally provided to solve particular problems or as a general maintenance package.

Landscape maintenance companies not only look after the upkeep of the landscape but suggest additions to the landscape that will greatly enhance the beauty of the landscape. Statues and fountains that will add focus and enthrall guests and visitors may be added. Some landscape maintenance services also offer to show digital representations of the effect that is expected out of the fixtures before resorting to installing them.

Snowy days can be bitter with snow-covered walkways and roads that will not allow cars or people to go through. Establishments will, therefore, be affected greatly by such weather. Many landscape maintenance services also offer to provide help during such extreme climates. Their services include clearing walkways and roads with the help of state of the art equipment and well-trained personnel, who will ensure that the snow is cleared quickly and fast.

In the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane or intense storm, landscape maintenance services also include clean up help that will help restore the landscape to normal levels, clearing walkways and paths, thereby allowing normal functioning. Business houses that are keen on maintaining standards will benefit immensely from such services that respond to such situations with great efficiency.

In order to opt for such landscape maintenance services, one needs to enter into a landscape maintenance contract with the landscape maintenance company. These landscape maintenance contracts serve to protect both the owner of the property as well as the company. The contract should highlight the work that will be carried out and whether it is a project-based contract or whether it is over a period of time. The start and end dates of the maintenance program should also be available in the landscape maintenance contract. The cost of the project and the payment dates should also be mentioned in the contract.

Phoenix landscape maintenance is a popular landscape maintenance company that works towards improving the beauty of the landscape. The services offered include pond management and trimming and pruning of plants and trees. Annual flower programs are conducted and flowers of choice are grown. Apart from landscape maintenance, pest control programs are also available. Removing rodents and birds that are cause for concern are part of the pest control program. Fleas and ants are also exterminated by this service.

Portland has many landscape maintenance companies that offer a wide range of services for landscape maintenance. Such services can be availed to ensure that one’s landscape is maintained well and continues to draw attention.

Designing and construction is not the end of owning a beautiful landscape, effective landscape maintenance is necessary to keep the design beautiful.

Landscaping Can Save on Energy Costslandscaping

Too frequently people do not use landscape plants to conserve energy. Proper placement of trees, shrubs, and vines around a house conserves energy while adding beauty. Trees are the number 1 landscape plant used in energy conservation in the home landscape.

Trees help remove pollutants from the atmosphere that can damage humans. They also can absorb carbon dioxide and other gases while producing oxygen for us to breathe. Trees and other plants reduce the greenhouse effect by shading houses and office buildings. This benefit reduces air conditioning needs up to 30 percent because less electricity is required for cooling. Properly placed trees within the landscape can be as effective as other home improvements in reducing heating and cooling costs. Good selection and placement of trees within the landscape can help cool your house in summer and allow the sun’s rays to warm your house in winter.

Trees Can Add to the Value of a Property as Well

Well-landscaped property is more desirable than property that is not landscaped, so healthy trees and other plants can increase residential property values up to 15 percent.

To install an energy-conserving landscape properly, you must understand the different positions of the sun at various times of the year. In mid-December, the sun rises in the southeast and remains low in the sky during the day. The winter sunsets in the southwest. In mid-June, the sun rises in the northeast and appears higher overhead at midday. The sunsets in the northwest during summer.

Since the summer solstice will soon be upon us, place trees around the house to provide shade from hot morning and afternoon sun. Trees on eastern and northeastern exposures of the house provide morning shade in summer. Trees placed on western and northwestern exposures of the house provide shade during afternoons. Increase the effectiveness of reduced heat absorption by having a shrub or a vine shade east and west walls. You can grow vines on masonry brick or concrete walls, but do not allow them to grow directly on walls with wood sidings. Provide a simple trellis for wooden sidings.

In most areas of USA, prevailing summer winds are provided by the Gulf breeze from the southwest and from the south. To take advantage of cool summer breezes, avoid dense screen plantings on the southwest and south sides of your property. Prune deciduous trees on the southern exposure of your house to the height of the roof’s drip line to provide free air movement into the house.

In summary, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when planting trees and shrubs to conserve energy:

  • Avoid placing trees too close to a house. Usually, 25 feet from the walls or the roofline is adequate.
  • Avoid placing trees directly under power lines or over an underground sewer, water, or utility lines.
  • Space trees properly according to their anticipated mature size.
  • Avoid using evergreen species on the south side of a house.
  • Use shrubs or vines to protect east and west wall exposures. Be conscious of where the sun will be at various times of the year.
  • Plan ahead when landscaping your new or existing home and enjoy lower utility bills in the process.

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