Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Become a Landscape Gardener


Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Become a Landscape Gardener

Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Become a Landscape Gardener

The career of a landscape gardener can be incredibly fulfilling. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy allows for an immense sense of job satisfaction and pride. That is not to say that it does not take hard work too. There is an array of skills required to be a successful landscape gardener.

What is a landscape gardener?

A landscape gardener is someone who designs, builds, and maintains outdoor spaces. This can include private gardens, as well as public spaces such as parks. Using both their knowledge and creativity, they will bring together a host of ideas to suit the requirements of both the client and the natural landscape.

Skills and characteristics required

As a landscape gardener, it of course helps to have a love of the outdoors. This passion will allow for a more rewarding career and make it easier to relate to clients.

Another invaluable skill required for this role is communication. Regular conversations will need to take place between both clients and suppliers and so the ability to communicate effectively is crucial.

Many landscape gardeners choose to be self-employed and so organization techniques are required both for managing schedules and ensuring all taxes and documentation are done correctly or managed by a third party.


As with the majority of careers, a good foundation for becoming a landscape gardener is to obtain English and Maths GCSEs at a pass level. From here, there are several routes you can take.

You could go to college and enroll in a course such as Practical Horticulture or Agriculture, Land Management, and Production. You may instead choose to pursue A-Levels, opting for technology and design, maths, physics, and physical education will all stand you in good stead, but be sure to speak with your school about the best options.

If you have already left school or are looking for a more practical approach to becoming a landscape gardener, an apprenticeship, degree, or degree apprenticeship could be a better route to take.

Benefits of the job

There are countless benefits to becoming a landscape gardener.

It is a very varied role, with no two projects being the same. This can give you the opportunity to travel to different locations, as well as working with a variety of people and test a range of ideas.

Unlike certain other creative jobs, landscape gardeners are typically able to work within traditional and social working hours. Due to limited light in the day, it is difficult to start and end work before and past certain times. This supports the creation of a strong work-life balance.

Running your own business

As mentioned, many landscape gardeners choose to be self-employed or set up their own businesses. If you plan on taking this route it is recommended that you gain some experience working for someone else first. Once you have done so, you can make the necessary steps to set up a company of your own. This will include buying your own equipment, including high-quality safety boots and landscaping tools, as well as registering your business and building up a client base.

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