Lawn Swing to Enjoy Beautiful View In Your Front Yard


Lawn Swing to Enjoy Beautiful View In Your Front Yard

Lawn swing is quite popular to have on your front lawn, especially if you have a beautiful view from your front yard.

You may have had a stressful day at the office and rather than watching more stressful television, you can sit outside on the front lawn and enjoy the view from your lawn swing. You can chat with your neighbors, passers-by.

Once you realize how peaceful and quiet it is outside your home, you may decide to give your television away to a charitable institution, as you have no need for the useless drivel shown on television. You have more fun interacting with your neighbors from your lawn swing.

While you are enjoying your new freedom, you can take a look around your front yard and look at your neighbor’s front yards. Maybe you can get some ideas from garden magazines, the internet, and your neighbors on how to make your front yard look better.

Lawn Swing In Your Front Yard To Enjoy The View

Most people are concerned about the appearance of their front yards. Have you ever stopped to consider what makes a great-looking yard? You know the ones I mean, the yards that make you slow your car down as you passed, or the yards that you walk past slowly in the neighborhood.

Most of the time these yards are owned by people that take the time to coordinate their landscaping. They have flowers or shrubs that compliment each other and they also have some area of the space that has bursts of color in them at all times.

The lawns are mowed well and there is usually a bench or lawn swing to sit on to enjoy the space. This is the type of front yard swing I wanted to create at our home.

We have a great deal of foot, bike, and car traffic past our home because we live on a scenic drive. When we bought our home the previous owner had many perennials planted around the house as well as in a large front flower bed.

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Large Front Flower Bed

The flowers were pretty, but they required a great deal of time to keep them weed-free. Also, the flower beds around the house causing water in the basement area of the house because everything was landscaped in towards the foundation.

The year after we moved in we decided that we would take out the front flower bed because it was too large for space and also the perennials were starting to be overcrowded.

A Long Swing to Enjoy The View

We thought we would replace the flower bed with a lawn swing. This way we could sit and enjoy the view of the lake.

We kept the soil to use as fill around the foundation of the house. I contacted a garden club and gave away the perennials. Once this was completed we leveled the area and planted grass seed. This made the front yard swing look much larger.

We decided that we would place the lawn swing off to the side of the house so it would not obstruct the view from the front windows. We then went shopping for the lawn swing.

Large Range of Lawn Swings

There is a wide variety to choose from. We wanted to have a lawn swing that would be able to withstand the severe winters that we have. We did not want to find storage for it during the winter months.

Lawn Swing In Your Front Yard To Enjoy The View

Because of this, we decided to go with a wooden lawn swing. It is very sturdy and the finish on the wood makes it resistant to the elements of cold and snow. It is nice spending time sitting on the lawn swing looking at the lake, rather than weeding the perennials.

Giving us more time to enjoy the view from the lawn swing. I have noticed some of my neighbors have decided to place a lawn swing on their front lawn. When visitors come to my home, they like to sit on my lawn swing and discuss the marvelous view.

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