Learn the Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Learn the Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Learn the Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

We can’t imagine a better growing environment than raised garden beds, and the reason for that reason for that no matter.

what type of soil you’re starting with whether it’s noting or some native soil you can always make it better in a raised bed, now two of the most important things that you’re after for garden success is great soil structure and drainage, and you can easily achieve optimal conditions for both using raised beds.

So let’s talk about the size of the beds first as far as width, you always want the beds to be wide enough, so the roots can spread out as much as they need to go, but you never want the best to be so wide you have to put pressure on the soil or step on to it to get into the plant to maintain it, so a good rule of thumb for most people, and for me are bed of about four most people and for me is bed of about four feet wide that’s the perfect width that way I can reach in from either side maintain the plant, and never put pressure, and compact the soil.

So that’s good now as far as the length of the bed it really doesn’t matter the plants don’t care:

– what are matters of your soil in the bed?

– how does it look in your garden?

– what are your budget and personal preference?

Matters of your Soil in the Raised Garden Bed

So that’s with length these happen to be twelve feet long, and it’s perfect in this garden but what does matter is the height of the height of the bed now, We think a minimum height is six inches (06 In) because again you want the roots to be able to grow down, and all plants need at least six inches, but anything above that is gravy now in this case these beds are 18 inches tall, maybe that’s a little too much, but not really we never want these roots to be deprived of their ability to go as deep as they want to go, but eighteen (18) to twelve (12) inches is a happy medium, but nevertheless if you can help it. When considering your soil for raised beds it can be brought into the garden, and mounded up in wide rows or added to a frame structure and if you have existing soil, you can simply add more soil as needed to fill out the area, but whether you’re starting from scratch or amending an existing bed ideally. It’s best to incorporate plenty of organic materials such as a wall, aids manure, and compost, and even store-bought soil amendments, that way you’re in gently improving the quality of the soil, and adding slow-release nutrients for an extra boost, you might want to add a supplemental slow-release organic granular fertilizer.

  • The end goal is to create a deep wide growing area that encourages roots to grow down, and out with soil that has good structure.
  • an easy test for knowing if you’ve achieved, the ideal mix is when you squeeze the soil in your hand, it binds together yet it crumbles apart easily.
  • when disturbed an equally important benefit to just-right soils, and raised garden beds are superb drainage, thanks to gravity water wants to always run somewhere.
  • The saturated soil in rotted roots is rarely a problem because the water is moving through, and out of the bed.

Fortunately raised garden beds to allow you to easily create the optimal combination of drainage and moisture retention at the same time by adding lots of organic matter.

The material of Raised Gardens Bed

Finally when it comes to the material that you use to make your raised garden beds you have several options, and three of the most common are pressure treated lumber, it holds up well to the elements and its inexpensive, but some people still have an issue with the fact that they’re chemicals used to treat the wood, although that’s not nearly as much of an issue at this time as it used to be.

We like untreated wood like for example No Treated Cedar, it’s super sturdy it holds up well to the elements, and there are no chemicals.

Then a newer option that’s becoming more popular or composite materials, whether its a resin base or some sort of wood fiber a lot of times they’re guaranteed for life.

Just one more of many options, but whether you choose to contain your soil in physical barrier or just mound it up wide enough, and deep enough creating that raised bed environment is the best thing that you can do, to get your plants off to a great star, and assure their growing viability all throughout the year, because done tow important things you’ve improved the soil structure, and you’ve given that area great drainage, and raised garden beds are great way to do that.

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