Long Term Pigeon Control Solutions


Long Term Pigeon Control Solutions

Long Term Pigeon Control Solutions

Pigeons have always been causing us a variety of problems ranging from health issues to damaging our buildings and artistic monuments. Other than being extremely noisy and messy, they can cause a lot of other problems, which makes it necessary for us to control their growing numbers.

Our goal is to find solutions that permanently solve this problem because most of short-term solutions do not give us the results that we desire. Several companies have started manufacturing their repellents and deterrents to provide short-term solutions for this problem.

For places like our homes and small offices, we can quickly get rid of them by using bird spikes, gel repellents, and making their roosting sites unpleasant. Although this may give us a temporary solution, the real problem still exists because pigeons can always find other places to relocate.

This makes it necessary to find the best pigeon control solution that can be effective in the long term. Eliminating the root cause for their rapid expansion can help us get rid of the problems that they cause.

Effective Long-Term Solutions for Pigeon Population Control

Now there are several solutions available to control the increasing population of pigeons. Some may be lethal, and others may be ineffective in the long term. We have explained some of the long-term solutions that might solve this problem.

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Using Effective Birth Control Methods

Pigeons give birth to up to 12 baby pigeons per year, which is the reason behind their rapid population expansion. Many companies are offering contraceptives for controlling the population of pigeons.

The contraceptives such as OvoControl P come in the form of pigeon food, and when these birds consume it on a regular basis, their eggs fail to develop. Using these contraceptives in places where a lot of pigeons are regularly fed can help us control their population within weeks.

The contraceptives such as OvoControl P can be provided to pigeons using various methods. Places like factory areas where pigeons damage a lot of their equipment due to their droppings can use these contraceptives to get rid of them for a long time.

Strictly Avoid Feeding Pigeons

Many people think that feeding the pigeons is an act of kindness as several cultures promote being kind to animals and birds. They are unaware of the damage caused by them and how much is spent and wasted on the expensive repairs.

Pigeons multiply a lot quicker, and the flock size can grow a lot bigger when food is abundant. Educating people about the health risks and damage that they cause can help us minimize their numbers.

Not only intentional feeding but avoiding throwing leftovers that pigeons consume can also reduce their numbers. The lesser amount of readily available food helps in dispersing the birds to other locations, and the flock size starts to decrease gradually.


Building Egg Removal Nests

Building large egg removal nests for pigeons can also help us in effectively controlling the population of these birds. In sites like parks or other places where there are a lot of pigeons, we can build large nests for them where we can then remove their eggs and properly dispose of them.

These nests should be made on multiple sites and must be taken care of on a daily basis. Building a pigeon loft where a lot of pigeons would live and breed and then disposing of their eggs have shown remarkable results.

This method should only be used after making other roosting places unavailable for the pigeons, so they are ultimately drawn to live in these nesting sites. This makes the surrounding areas free from their mess and gradually reduces the pigeon population.

What Might Be the Best Solution?

We cannot say for sure what might be the best solution for controlling the increasing pigeon population because although some solutions may seem practical, we cannot say for sure whether they would actually work or not.

For instance, some solutions like killing pigeons would not work in the long term because the pigeons have a very high hatch rate, and we simply cannot kill enough of them. Even if we start to kill enough of them, a sudden reduction in their population would mean more food resources available for the ones that are left, and after some time, their number will again increase.

So, the number of pigeons is linked to the number of food resources available. Another reason why killing them will not be a better approach towards solving this problem is that it sounds brutal, and many disagree with doing so.

The most viable solution that we can recommend in order to control the rapid population expansion of pigeons is limiting food resources and using birth control contraceptives such as OvoControl P.

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