Making your Home a Plant Paradise


Making Your Home a Plant Paradise

Making Your Home a Plant Paradise

The emerging décor trend in recent years has been adding houseplants to the house. A recent study highlighted 35% of Brits had purchased a houseplant, with many Brits enjoying being a houseplant parent. However, picking the perfect spot and maintaining a healthy plant is not always an easy task.

Picking the houseplant for you

When purchasing your houseplant, it is essential to find out what it needs – some indoor plants would prefer bright and direct light so placement near the window for the sun is key. Yet, some plants don’t want to be exposed to direct sunlight and prefer medium light.

Here are a few examples of what conditions houseplants prefer:

  • Monstera – indirect but bright sunlight
  • Chinese Money Plant – indirect but bright sunlight
  • Peace Lily –East-facing window and perfect for the humidity of a bathroom
  • Aloe Vera – a bright and sunny windowsill

There is an enormous variety of houseplants to choose from, so there will be one right for you – just do your homework!

Selecting the right area for your houseplant

When deciding where to put your houseplant, some homeowners opt to place them in various places around the house, whilst some like to create a plant paradise in one dedicated room.

Houseplants are a brilliant home accessory, whether you want to spruce up your living room, create a spa feel to your bathroom, or add décor to your desk when working from home.

Plants can give empty space in the house some character, from the corner of living spaces to the empty space understairs. Just ensure you pick the best plant for the conditions of the spot in the house you decide on.

Creating the perfect environment for your houseplant

For your houseplants to thrive at home, make sure you monitor the different factors that can impact a plants health.

Temperature is vital – normal room temperature is ideal for the majority of houseplants but just be careful when you turn the heating on in winter months.

Fast-growing plants such as the Philodendron prefer a room to grow, so don’t just put a plant in a location because of the size it is when you first purchase it, as it may be a way of its fullest potential!

It goes without saying plants need a lot of care to remain healthy, including regular watering and the right amount of light – Also don’t forget about pruning and leaf care.

How to know what is wrong with your houseplant?

When looking after your houseplant, There are various signs that you can look for when caring for houseplants, and this can vary per indoor plant.

For example, one of the more popular house plants in the UK, the monstera will show signs of overwatering if the leaves are yellowing, yet when a peace lily is being underwatered, it will show signs of wilting.

Make sure you research what to look out for on the variety of houseplants you have to ensure they remain healthy and what area in the house they are best suited. You will then get the natural interior art you were after in your home.


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