Top Monkey Grass Seed Review


Top Monkey Grass Seed Review

Monkey Grass Seed Review

Monkey grass is also referred to as mondo grass. Monkey grass is a perennial grass, flowering with leaves that are blade-like. This type of grass is of low maintenance and can also withstand harsh weather conditions like heat and drought. Monkey grass can grow in almost any soil condition and requires little fertilizer.

Monkey grass can also act as a ground cover to prevent soil erosion thus creating a beautiful lawn. Plants from monkey grass seeds make any lawn attractive. Interesting to note is that monkey grass is not really grass.

How to Plant & Maintain Monkey Grass Lawn

In order for Monkey grass seeds to grow well, they require warm temperatures. They also grow well in soils that are rich in humus.

To grow monkey grass seeds you need to tilt the topsoil with a rake and put a little fertilizer into the soil. Monkey grass seeds should be planted in early spring or early fall. They should not be planted when rains are heavy, as they might be washed away. Most monkey grass seeds grow well in sunny areas and in soils that are well-drained and slightly acidic. Insert dividers around the section on which you want to grow your monkey grass seeds.

Use a shovel to make sure your dividers are at least 12 inches deep. This is done to make sure that the monkey grass does not spread out and away from the lawn area. Spread the seeds and rake them gently into the soil, then cover them with a mixture of topsoil and compost. At Our website, you are given lawn care tips on how to grow and maintain a grass lawn.

How to Grow Monkey Grass From Seeds  

The plants produced from monkey grass seeds are about 12-18 inches, they are flowers and can be produced throughout the year. Mix the soil with fertilizer. Then dig holes that are about 2-3 inches deep.

Place your monkey seeds into the holes and cover them with soil. Create dividers as mentioned above to make sure that your grass does not grow in surrounding areas. Water them, but do remember that monkey grass does not need a lot of water.

If you cannot grow monkey grass from seeds you can always try other options which include transplanting mondo grass. Below are a few tips you will need when transplanting.

Take a look at the grass around your surroundings you may find yourself staring at monkey grass. If you do find the grass around you then you have a great place to start. All you need to do is dig it up and place it in the place where you like it to grow. If you already have monkey grass growing around your home you can pull a few sprigs out and find a nice place to plant them. This process is called transplanting. At you are given a few guidelines on how to transplant monkey grass.

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When to Plant Monkey Grass?

Knowing when to plant your monkey grass seeds is a way to make sure your grass will grow well, whether you are growing with seeds or transplanting. When you are transplanting you will have to wait until the hot season when they are no chance of frost.

The hot season is the right time because transplanted monkey grass will need to establish itself in order to survive the cold weather. Monkey grass can be quite invasive when planted in the wrong place. You can pluck it out when it grows to unwanted places.

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Monkey grass is usually dark green and thick and they create beautiful landscapes. Since monkey grasses are evergreen they are considered to be a once of investment. This type of grass will remain green all year round. Monkey grasses are not prone to diseases and insects.

Monkey grass seeds are fast-growing which means you can have your beautiful lawn in no time. Once the monkey lawn seeds have been planted you do not need to constantly check up on it. Monkey grass seeds come in different varieties, so you need to choose one that favors your environment.


  • Monkey grass can be grown during the hot season.
  • They can grow in any type of soil.
  • They are of low maintenance since they do not need to be watered all the time.
  • Monkey grass seeds do not need fertilizers.
  • They are not prone to diseases and insects.
  • Monkey grass seeds are fast-growing.
  • They are heat and drought-resistant which means they can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Monkey grasses are evergreen which means they are a lifetime investment.
  • They can also be transplanted.

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