Moving with house plants is quite a delicate process that requires attention, hard effort, and time as well. You might have spent months and years cultivating these beautiful plants therefore you might want to take these along with you.

Thankfully with some great tips and planning, you could take the plants with you to your new home and can stay with them there. Check out these tips and tricks to move large plants.

Trim all The Extra Parts of Plants:

Plants need more energy to preserve themselves when shifting them to another place. It is your responsibility to see that they remain healthy during the moving process. You should trim all dead and extra parts of the plants before moving them.

This will help the plants to not waste their energy on dead parts. Visit here to contact the best movers with knowledge of the whole process.

Re-pot the Plants Into Plastic Pots:

Plants in heavy pots can be risky to move as they are more prone to slip off and thus, get damaged easily. To make them light in weight you can take them out from the heavy pots and replant them in the light plastic pots a few weeks before the relocation day.

Pack the Plants Using Proper Packing Material:

Plants are very fragile and improper packing can damage them. You can use an old and soft cotton cloth to protect the leaves of the plants from any external damage and keep them healthy when in transit. Apply the right method of packing them. Take a durable plastic bag and place it over the pot.

Tie it properly to keep the soil of plants intact in its place. Now get a hard cardboard moving box and place the plant inside it. Remember to fill the space in the box with the help of a newspaper so that plant doesn’t shift from its place during the transition. Label the box as ‘Delicate Plants”.

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Don’t Forget to Consider the Season When Moving These:

You should not forget to consider the season. Choosing the right season is important so these do not die during transportation. During the summer months, moving plants will become a very complex process so you should avoid doing this.

But if you have to do it then make sure they are properly watered during the transportation and the roots of the plants should not be exposed longer in the direct sunlight. While if you are moving these into winter then you should wrap these with the newspaper to save them from the harsh weather winter conditions.

Don’t depend completely on professional movers:

Many moving companies do not provide the service of transporting your plants along with your belongings to another place. But if they do provide these services then also you shouldn’t rely on them.

Plants are very sensitive and transporting them in a moving truck filled with other items can damage the plants, especially in the too cold or hot season.

Transport the plants in a comfortable environment:

Remember that plants are delicate and transporting them in a moving truck is not at all a good option. You should try to move the plants in a temperature-controlled environment.

It is always better to keep the plants with you in your car when shifting to your new home because you protect them from any damage when traveling.

Know about laws and regulations:

When moving across national borders then it is mandatory to check with customs whether you can take your plants with you or not. Every region has specific rules and regulations regarding this which you should follow. Some countries might not allow you to move some specific species across their borders. Even if you are moving to another state your plants might get inspected because there can be local bans on growing some specific plants in the particular state.

Replant These as Soon as Possible:

This is the most crucial part which you should not forget if you really want your plants to grow. If you are unable to find a permanent spot for them immediately after reaching there at your new home then you should dig a temporary trench for them.

Water these thoroughly before you place the plants into them. Then cover it halfway with the soil and add more water to it. And then replant these to the permanent spot and let them grow and care these more for a specific duration than you do now. The lesser time you will take to replant these, the better it will be for plants.

Bottom line

The moving process is quite difficult and stressful on its own and if you have to transport large plants with this then it becomes more complex. But luckily there are movers present out there who will reduce the risk and stress during the move and you can have a successful moving process. While they won’t transport your plants and you have to do this by yourself by using the above-written guide.

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