Moving Long Distances With Plants Made Easier

Moving Long Distances With Plants Made Easier
Moving Long Distances With Plants Made Easier

Long distance moves are complicated and can leave you overwhelmed. Things can easily take an uglier side when you have to relocate long distance with live things like plants and pets along. If you are a true plant lover, you might already have spent a lot of time wondering how you will take care of your green friends during the move. Yes, plants are delicate, and moving them is a tough nut to crack, especially when you are relocating to a long distance.

Experienced moving companies that have delivered best customer experiences to plant parents share a few tips and strategies to make a long-distance move with plants easier and damage-free. These tips aim at helping plant owners in safety relocating their plants and ensuring their health and happiness along the way as well as in their new home.

  1. Prepare the plants

You must start with preparing your plants for the move. One week before the moving date, you must work on your plants and take out all the dead and brown leaves and branches. Also, prune the plants and remove any dust, pests, or weed from the plants.

  1. Use plastic pots for repotting

The modern, aesthetically appealing pots are a sight for the eyes. However, they are a burden for your back as these planters are extremely heavy. Moving them, loading and unloading them on the trick, can take a toll over you back’s health. To prevent any injury, it is recommended to repot the plants in lightweight plastic pots. You must repot the plants a few weeks before the moving date so that the plants get used to the new setting.

  1. Keep a tab on the temperature

It is best if you can maintain a temperature-controlled environment for the transportation of your plants. It is best to use your personal car for transportation also, as it is a long-distance move, you might be taking breaks in between. Take the plants to the hotel/ motel of any other arrangements you are moving into for the night.

  1. Pay attention to hydration

For plants, maintaining the right water levels is crucial, dry and hot or cold and wet are the worst combination for plants. The pats can feel uncomfortable even when inside an air-conditioned car if they do not have the right level of water. Especially when you are moving in hot summer days, you must be very attentive towards the water levels in your pots.

Make sure you water the plants in the morning of the moving day and then along the way. On the contrary, if you are moving during the winter season, plant the pots a few days prior to the moving day to keep them in the best health.

  1. Does the custom allow?

When moving to a different country, abiding by the rules of the custom s crucial. You must check with the customer if they allow moving plants across borders. There are a few countries where moving plants are restricted. The US Department of Agriculture also has certain rules for moving plants across the states.

The officials may check the plants as you cross state borders as there are a few plants that are restricted in certain states. The officials may also check the soil for the pesticides. Note that if you are moving to California, the state is very strict about its botanical visitors. However, there are other states as well that are concerned about the plants moving across borders.

Discuss it with your moving company

There are certain movers who do not offer plant moving services. To ensure you do not get a shock of life on a moving day, make sure you discuss your plant moving requirements with the movers. Makes sure you discuss the plant transportation at the first meeting with the movers to avoid any miscommunication.

Never ever pack your plants and ask the movers to transport them without them knowing. This will result in damage to the plants as well as the other items in the inventory.

What to do when you can’t move your plants?

A situation may arise when you won’t be able to move your plants. Don’t be sad, there are ways to ensure you have your plants with you.

Keep a cutting

If you are unable to move a large plant, you can always take a cutting of the plant with you. When you reach your new home, you can re-grow the plant.

Gift the plants

If you know anyone as much in love with plants as you are, you must gift your plants to them. This you can do in case there are restrictions on moving any particular plant or the plant is too big to move. We are sure that your friends and family will be related to having the new botanical member n their family.

Plant it in a green area

If there is no hope, you can always reach out to a green area in your neighborhood and plant the big buddy. There are plenty of green areas in every state where plating trees and plants s allowed.

Moving pants is a sensitive job and you must be prepared for it. If you are able to find a credible moving company, your problems are sorted as the movers will extend their full support in ensuring safe transportation of your plants.


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