Can You Grow Mushroom With Mushroom Growing Kit


Growing Mushroom in Your Home? Yes It is Possible! with Mushroom Growing Kit

Have you ever imagined that you can grow the mushrooms on your own and eat the items that you take from your own place?

Well, it won’t stop in your imagination. It is possible to grow the mushroom at your home with the help of the mushroom growing kit.

The mushroom growing kit is a no-brainer solution for mushroom enthusiasts who want to make their own mushrooms at home.

The mushroom kits usually consist of the mushroom mycelium growing on a medium called a substrate.

The mycelium grows kit is a perfect choice for beginners because the users can bypass all of the complicated processes including the growing process of the mycelium and substrate preparation. The manufacturer has done all of the preparations for you so that you just need to do the easy part to proceed with the growth.

The substrates can be different in different mushroom growing kit types. Some of the most common substrates are 1) a block of wood chips and sterilized sawdust, 2) a log or piece of wood, and 3) a bag of pasteurized straw.

You will normally come across those mushrooms types of substrates but the most common one consisting of the commercial Mushroom Grow Kit is the block of wood chips.

Best Mushrooms Growers Mesilium and Kits

1. Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit – Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms

The best way to prepare a dish is to cook with the freshest ingredients, and what better way to do it than to grow yours! You can start by growing your own mushrooms. The Back to Roots Bio Mushroom Growth Kit is the easiest way to grow your own organic and gourmet mushrooms at home!

Just open, spray every day with the gentleman included, and in 10 days you will harvest your own mushrooms directly from the can. The best part is that you can grow a mushroom growing indoors all year round right next to your window, and it will continue to grow fresh at any season of the year.

Each mushroom crop in our growing kit can produce 3 to 4 servings, and each can grow up to two crops. Cook them as you like, either fried or grilled, or you can simply add them to your favorite dishes like pasta. As part of our GrowOneGiveOne campaign, share a photo of your own harvest, use the hashtag, and tag us on social media, and we’ll donate a kit to the classroom of your choice! Our mushroom growing kit is organic, made in the USA, and 100% guaranteed. If you do not grow up as described, send us a message and we will send you a replacement.

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2. Spawn and Wax Combo – Shiitake Mushrooms Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn 

Have your own healthy food record-grown shiitake mushrooms. We sell Shiitake Plug Spawn (over 100 wood studs) and 3 oz food-grade wax that you can inoculate your own logs, stumps, or bolts.

You will grow kilos of Shiitake mushrooms over the next few years in your own Goa garden! Our Shiitake Plug Spawn features quick spawning, big, thick, first mushrooms, you will need to provide freshly cut wood, a 5/16″ drill, and wax and hammer.

2 fungus will answer all your inoculation questions. If you can’t use it in 1 week, you can place it in the refrigerator (not in the freezer) to keep it at rest for up to 6 months before it is used. 100 Shiitake Plug Spawn and 3oz of wax.

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3. Mushroom Mojo Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn – 100 Count Plugs 

Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn 100 Shiitake Mushroom Plug Spawn and detailed instructions. Use it to colonize waterfalls and trunks, and produce gourmet shiitakes for many years. Our most popular energy generation Shiitake mushrooms are extremely healthy, including very rich in protein and many excellent benefits to the immune system.

100 spawning points of the Shiitake mushroom cap. Become a culinary guru by turning old stumps and logs into mushroom gardens! Growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms with a spawning cap is an easy way to turn logs and stumps into fresh mushrooms. It brings the joy of growing and harvesting mushrooms directly in your own yard. The average trunk of 4 to 6 inches in diameter will take 9-12 months to produce the first fruiting. They support several fruits (harvests) of fresh mushrooms up to 3 to 5 years or more.

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Mushroom shiitake in a record Recommended tree species; All oak, all maple, elder box, ironwood, American gum, eucalyptus species, blue horn/alder, black rubber, or tupelo, cherry, walnut, sulfurous bud (Nickory bitternut), buckthorn.

DO NOT grow on walnut, elm, black lobster, ash, and large tamarack. The kit includes 100 fully colonized mushroom caps and detailed instructions. These plugs should be used within 2 weeks of receiving them. If you can’t use it within 2 weeks, you can place it in the refrigerator (not in the freezer) to keep it at rest for up to 6 months before it is used.

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4. Mojo Pro – White Oyster Mushroom Kit – Ready to Fruit Fungi Growing Kit

White Oyster Mushroom Blocks Kit to grow your own organic edible mushrooms, easily at home with our Pro-Gro Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit. These are large mushrooms to sauté and serve in anything. Oyster mushrooms have many health benefits, including being as dense in protein as meat and offering excellent benefits to the immune system.

Recommendations for Growing Mushrooms

An easy way to grow greedy mushrooms at home! The Pro-Gro White Oyster Growth Kit (Pleurotus oystreatus) is an easy and child-friendly way to grow mushrooms at home. Also known as Oyster Pearl. This kit consists of a strong commercial oyster strain that produces many mushrooms. It comes fully colonized and ready for fruit. The mushroom block will produce up to 2 pounds of fresh oysters grown on-site for 2-3 months. You can harvest fresh mushrooms about once a month.

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5. Spawn and Wax Combo – Oyster Mushrooms Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn

He bought this product in April and planted oyster mushroom tacos on logs in early May this year. Now oyster mushrooms grow everywhere. Just unbelievable. Today the first batch was harvested, so I am happy to share my experience. These oyster mushrooms smell good.

It’s so much fun growing my own mushroom in my garden. It has no maintenance, but dry-season trunks may need water. The seller offers exceptional quality mushroom spawning. I have had this seller several times so far. On the one hand, your Shiitake spawning is also fantastic.

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Mushroom Grow Kit – The fun factor

The high times mushroom kit is nearly a no-brainer. It is easy to learn and practice the mushroom grow kit in your own house area. Right before purchasing the mushroom grow kit, you would read the product information given by the manufacturer.

Most of the manufacturers will tell you about how their growing kit works, the criteria you must consider to maximize the result, and so on. It is like having a teacher who tells you how to grow the mushroom the easy way.

How Do Mushroom Grow Kits Work?

The low-maintenance plant which comes with the best mushroom growing kit for beginners does not come with complicated procedures. all the kit needed from you is fresh air, fresh water, a good location, and time and space.

The kit is already equipped with the growing mycelium, so the hardest part of growing mushrooms has been skipped. As the grower, you will only need to facilitate the kit with the right location, conditions, and maintenance to produce the mushrooms.

Although the automated mushroom grows kit might have slightly different instructions, the most common instructions start with the kit’s exposure to cold temperatures in 24 hours. And then the users will need to keep in water. You can use the usual water to grow it.

The cold weather is the perfect condition for the mycelium to create the mushrooms. When there are fall temperatures, all kinds of strongest mushroom grow kits will be growing effectively. It is because mushroom reproduction happens before the winter.

The manufacturer will prepare it on demand. The mycelium is alive when they wrap it in the package for shipping. It won’t survive without air or water. The shelf life can be the determining factor. So, the moment after unboxing the package, you will want to use it immediately.

Depending on the kind of substrates used in the mushroom growing kit, the manuals can be different from one kit to another. 

But you won’t need to worry. Since the mushroom growing kit is purposely made for beginners, the manufacturer gives clear instructions that every user at various levels will understand. It is very easy.

Presuming that you have followed the instructions thoroughly, you will attain the results in no time. Depending on the quality of the substrates, you can keep watering it and continue to grow mushrooms every few weeks for up to a year. In rare cases, some users also reported that they are able to grow the mushrooms for up to 18 months.

Even though the mushroom growing kit stops producing, you won’t necessarily need to get rid of this. Just because the substrate has depleted in terms of its nutritious content, you can still use the mycelium in the substrate. Simply throw the substrate outside at the bed on wood whips, compost piles, or other mediums. In some cases, the mushrooms will grow too.


The process involved in the best mushroom-growing kit is fun and rewarding. As long as you are patient in waiting, you will see a satisfying result. It is a fulfilling experience to produce delicious mushrooms to serve at home. Let us know what you picked and cooked.


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