OLMSTED FORGE Garden Tool Set Review


OLMSTED FORGE Garden Tool Set Review

OLMSTED FORGE Garden Tool Set Heavy Duty Powdered Coated Steel
OLMSTED FORGE Garden Tool Set, Heavy Duty Powdered Coated Steel

This professional garden tool set comes together with means for planting, weeding, clean-up, transplanting, aerating, and digging. The set contains a five-piece garden toolset of solid steel garden pieces of equipment. A powder-coated finish and strong welded joints ensure the OLMSTED FORGE Garden toolset are durable.

These are excellent hand garden tools. The ‘hand rake’ is six and a half’ wide and sixteen’ long. The Comfort Cork handled possesses a soft rubberized grip that stays comfortably and firmly in your hands. The big ‘scoop’ is four ‘wide and fourteen and half’ long.

These Forge garden tools are not going to slip out of your hands when wet. They have a space for your thumb, so the alignment of the professional garden too set is always accurate, and they feel secure.

About OLMSTED FORGE Garden Tool Set

  • Powder-coated Steel: Our OLMSTED FORGE Garden toolset is made using only heavy-duty steel resistant to rusting and corrosion to ensure dependable and long-term use. The handle of the comfort fork ensures the Forge garden tools stay comfortably and firmly in your hands.
  • Variety Of gardening Tools: Transplant Tool, Big Scoop, Cultivator, Hand Rake, and Hand Trowel. Suitable for different types of transplanting, loosening soil, digging, weeding, aerating, and more.
  • 5 Piece Garden Tool Kit: This professional gardening set comes together with tools for planting, transplanting, weeding, aerating, and digging. Every gardening tool kit consists of five digging tools and gardening pieces of equipment to make your gardening more enjoyable and more comfortable.
  • Ideal Gardening Tool: Whether it is a family member or friend, they will like this piece of the gardening tool kit with attractive double-boxed packaging; it makes it an excellent gift.


Gardening Set with 5 pieces “OLMSTED FORGE sturdy” and strong powder-coated solid steel garden tool kit contains Hand Trowel, Cultivator, Transplant Tool, Big Scoop, and Hand Rake.


Fredrick Law Olmsted is known as the inventor of American landscape architecture and is popularly known for designing Central Park in New York City. Olmsted produced plans and designs for hundreds of parks throughout the United States during the late 1800s. Frederick Law Olmsted had a plan for designed parks and public space that people could still use in 100 years after he was gone.

He designed parks that would withstand the test of time. At OLMSTED FORGE, they are inspired by Olmsted’s dream for durable designs. They honor him with their commitment to creating gardening pieces of equipment that last. Gardeners are a part of tradition and history like several who have worked the soil in this country for centuries. As stated by Olmsted,’ when immersed in nature, and you can place yourself back in time for a short time.’

OLMSTED FORGE Garden Tool Set, 5 Pieces, Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel, Cork Handle


Best Gardening Set Tools

  • POWDER COATED STEEL: Our gardening tools are made only of corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant steel to ensure reliable and durable use. Our Comfort Cork Handles ensure that our tools stay firmly and comfortably in your hands
  • Gardening Gift: Whether you are a friend or family member, you will love this gardening tool set With a nice double packaging box, it is the perfect gift.
  • Variety of tools: large spoon, hand trowel, hand rake, cultivator, and transplant tool Perfect for a variety of tasks including excavation, weeds, soil loosening, aeration, grafting, and much more


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