Ornamental Hedging Designs

Ornamental Hedging Designs
Ornamental Hedging Designs

Ornamental Hedging Designs

Ornamental Hedging DesignsOrnamental Hedging Designs

If you are one of the thousands of people who love to see an interesting hedge in a yard, you may want to consider adding great ornamental hedging sculptures to your own yard or garden. Although it may seem incredibly difficult to construct, you can sculpt your own hedges in no time with a little guidance.

There are a few things you should consider however before you jump into hedge sculpting. Start with making a rough sketch of your yard or garden to get an idea of where the hedging would look best and work most efficiently.

Hedge Species

Experts would tell you that there are certain species of hedges that work best with ornamental hedging. Although you can try to work with any type of hedge, these varieties are easiest to work with and maintain. Chamaecyparis, Artemisia, Azara, Berberis, Buxus, Caryopteris, Cassinia, Cephalotaxus, Chaenomeles, Corylus, and Cotoneaster are all recommended types of hedges to use when participating in ornamental hedging.

Although some may feel this type of sculpting is best when the whole world can see it, you can put these works of art almost anywhere. One thing you should consider when planning where to place your ornamental hedging is the style of the hedging.

If you are trying a more traditional hedging style such as boxed hedging or sculpted wall design, you can put it almost anywhere. These types of hedging are elegant and can even be used in the front yard without taking away from your home’s elegance.

If you are more interested in causal shapes for sculpting, you may want to limit them to your backyard or garden area. Many people love to include fun shapes or hedges in shapes of animals in their yard décor. While these things are interesting and fun to look at, you may want to think about whether or not you want them to be the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home. While the more modern shapes work for some people, if you are more traditional in style, you will want to keep them at the minimum.

DIY Hedges

The best way to get the most professional results in ornamental hedging is to hire a professional. There are professionals that specialize in topiary and ornamental hedging. They have been trained to work in these forms of art. There are people however who would rather try this task themselves. If this is the case, you should strongly consider taking a class on the art form. Many local community colleges will offer topiary classes from time to time for small fees. You can also check with your local expert or nursery to get contacts for instruction.

One great thing to think about is starting small. Many people will go at their largest hedge with clippers. Choosing to attack the largest hedge in your yard can end in total disaster. If you take it too far, the hedge must be replaced. Instead of taking the risk with these results, you can start a little smaller.

Consider buying a small, inexpensive hedge that you can work on inside. You can also work on it outdoors if the weather permits. Try different approaches on this “tester” hedge before moving on to something larger. Once you have mastered the smaller hedge, you can try to move on to more permanent hedges in your yard.

If you enjoy looking at sculpted hedges, you can also visit gardens such as Green Animals, a topiary garden in Rhode Island. Some of the world’s most talented artists have worked building and maintaining sculptures in parks such as these. They are perfect places to take your family or to enjoy a relaxing picnic on your own. No matter what the reason, they are amazing places to get inspiration for your own ornamental hedging project at your home. Pay attention to details and how each hedge is constructed to get the best ideas and put them to use at home.

Remember, before beginning to sculpt you should always develop a plan. Make sure the plan includes practicing or perhaps taking a class or two. There is nothing worse than ruining an old hedge because you did not take the time to plan and research ahead. Once you have all of the information you need however, you can create beautiful artwork that will add nicely to your home.

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