installing Outdoor Carpet in your Garden

Outdoor Carpet in your Garden

When anyone mentions the word “carpet” to you, the likelihood is that you will begin thinking about the thick pile carpets in homes all over the world – the carpets that you walk barefoot on every day and try to keep clean with a vacuum several times a week. However, did you know that there is another type of carpet available today as well? That carpet is an outdoor carpet, which is very different from those installed in homes.

You may not see the point in outdoor carpets because they are simply a substitute for grass, right? Wrong! They can contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home in no time at all, and you will see exactly why that is the case right here.

All About Outdoor Carpeting

Outdoor carpet comes in many forms so it is difficult to define what it is. However, all types and textures of it are designed specifically for use outside. They are made to withstand the elements, such as extreme cold or heat, but they should not be placed in the direct path of the elements. That is to say that outdoor carpet is best used on patios and walkways that are covered. If they get wet a little then that will not damage them though. This is why they are becoming more popular as they offer value for money.

Outdoor carpets offer homeowners a lot of choices. You can choose a carpet that feels comfortable to walk on, one that improves the aesthetic appeal of your home, or even one that adds value to your home. No matter which one you choose though, you will find that it enhances the appearance of your garden, although you will have to think long and hard about which design to choose.

Installing Outdoor Carpet

When you have decided upon your specific type of outdoor carpet, you just have to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and then follow the steps below:

1. Gather your tools and equipment together. You will need a seam adhesive, carpet roller, utility knife, double-sided tape, and a broom. Make sure you have all the tools you need in advance so as not to disturb your task later.

2. Check the weather forecast, You will need a few days of no rain and low humidity to install the carpet. Be sure to unroll it and leave it on a flat surface to settle overnight.

3. Outline where you are to put the outdoor carpet and take the double-sided tape to the edges. There should be 3” between the edge of the carpet and the edge of the deck so lay the tape just inside that 3” so that the carpet will fit nicely on it.

4. Lay the carpet on the deck and make sure that it is completely straight before pressing down on the areas that are taped up.

5. Use seam adhesive to secure the outdoor carpet in place at the edges. This will give it the durability you are looking for as well as making sure that it stays in place no matter what.

It really is that easy to lay outdoor carpet. Make sure it is straight and all sloppy elements are removed from the edges. Check the edges regularly to make sure that they are not fraying or degrading overtime at all and you will find that they can add a little something different and special to your home.

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