Outdoor Furniture Materials: Frames and Tabletops


Outdoor Furniture Materials Frames and Tabletops

Outdoor furniture is made of many different types of materials. Some materials are said to be more durable than others, while some are more water-resistant compared to others. But the type of outdoor furniture you choose to pick solely depends on the area you live in and the weather conditions around you. If you wish to pick out good outdoor furniture for your house, then check out furniture here for outdoors.

Different Wood Materials Used for Outdoor Furniture

Shorea Wood

Shorea is a reddish-gold material that is known to be stronger and heavier than teak. If your area has high-temperature levels, then this material is a good choice for your outdoor furniture. This is because the strength of Shorea improves, the more it is exposed to heat.

Its flexibility allows it to be sustainable, like many other hardwoods used for outdoor furniture. This material is also known to have high oil content, which allows it to be protected against insects, which reduces rotting and causes less weather damage to the furniture.

Shorea can become silver grey if it is not oiled regularly, and it is also capable of lasting up to fifty years and is also cheaper than most hardwoods. The only drawback of Shorea is that it is not commercially available.

Eucalyptus Wood

Eucalyptus is a strong Australian hardwood that is fast-growing and can last a long time, allowing it to be a more cost-effective material. Eucalyptus has a natural washed appearance, making it look rustic, and is also capable of developing a silver patina if not oiled regularly.

This material is resistant to rotting and constant weather changes. The oil present in it acts as a natural insecticide. 

Ipe Wood

Ipe, which is commonly known as ironwood, has a deep rich colored grain that fades over time if exposed to constant weather changes. This wood is known to have high amounts of natural oil content, which allows it to be insect and fungi-resistant.

Ipe has a hard, dense structure which makes it capable of withstanding physical damage such as warping, cracking, and even denting. Although this wood can last up to forty years, it requires a lot of preparations before it can be used for furniture.

White Oak Wood

White oak is a wood that is found in abundance in many countries. This wood is stronger and harder than most on the market and can last you for decades. White oak has been used to build boats for decades now because it repels water, which makes it resistant to rot. However, white oak does not have much natural oil present in it and needs to be painted so that it can maintain its durability. 


Buying the best outdoor furniture can be difficult at times. However, once you have found the perfect place to shop at then picking out the right items for your garden becomes easy. Not every place carries materials suitable for your garden, but there are stains and coats available on the market that can be used to make your outdoor furniture withstand different weather conditions.


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