Top 07 Raison That Should Applying Pest Control In Fall?


Why It's Necessary For Pest Control In Fall

After the warm summer months, the cooler months of fall will draw near with each passing day. However, this also brings homeowners with all new challenges, especially when it comes to pests. With the gradual drop in temperatures, mice, rats, and even cockroaches, search for warmer areas to den. Unfortunately, at the top of their list is our homes.

Mice and rats, in particular, can bring a whole host of problems. They can get into the walls and chew wires, messing up with your cable, internet, and electrical wirings. These pesky rodents also carry serious health risks and diseases that can put family members at risk.  Unfortunately, rodents are just a few of the pests that can get into your home during fall.

Because of this, let’s now a closer look at reasons why it’s important to do pest control, especially during fall.

  1. A More Habitable Home

When you go home from a strenuous day, the last thing you want to find is pests all over the kitchen countertops, under the seats, and in your bed.

Suffice to say; pests can make your home less habitable. However, when you get rid of all the pests, expect to find a cozy and clean place where both you and your family can enjoy life unperturbed by pesky fall pests.

While you can do pest control during any time of years, fall is an especially crucial time. This is because many of the pests will be searching for a warm place to hibernate or escape the cold.

Termites feed on wood. If you have a termite infestation in your home, this could compromise your house’s structural integrity. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you can out for termites and that you call an exterminator as soon as you notice them.

It’s not surprising to find thousands of ants in your kitchen. Of all the ants that you should look out for, carpenter ants are the most problematic. This is because they’ll tunnel through wooden surfaces in your home to create their nest. While they don’t consume wood, they can cause damage to the structural integrity of your home.

As a homeowner, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you prevent pests from accessing your home in the fall.

One of the main benefits of hiring an exterminator is they’re able to eradicate the problem. This is because they have the necessary skills and tools to ensure that pests are completely eradicated from your home. Often, this is something that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with regular pesticides and traps.

  1. A Disease-Free Environment

One of the main reasons it’s crucial to exterminate pests from your home is because they can bring many health concerns and diseases.

Seeing a cockroach might make you think there’s just one in your home. But, take note that when it comes to pests when there’s one, there’s sure to be many. When left unchecked, they can breed at an uncontrollable rate, making it easier for them to spread diseases.

Pests can carry harmful bacteria, such as typhoid and salmonella. Once they access your food, you’ll unwittingly consume the bacteria, leading to a whole host of ailments.

The same can be said for rats and mice. In addition to causing serious diseases, they also make the house smelly and inhabitable.

On the other hand, Mosquitos carry malaria that could put the lives of younger children at risk. Older people with weakened immune systems will also be affected.

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  1. Cause of Allergies

If you think that the pests you see in your home are not known to cause diseases, note that they can cause allergic reactions, especially to family members prone to such.

Bedbugs, cockroaches, and other types of insects produce substances in their saliva that could elicit an allergic reaction.

Temperatures are already dropping during fall. This means that people prone to allergies are more likely to react during this time. Considering that this is also the time of the year when many allergy-causing pests are moving into our homes, it pays to take measures to exterminate them.

Getting rid of small pests can be quite difficult, which is why you should consider calling in an exterminator.

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  1. Quality Sleep

If your home is infested with pests, especially with bed bugs, these can drastically affect the quality of your sleep. Keep in mind that bed bugs feed on dead skin and will spend the night munching away at you.

Not only will you not enjoy a good sleep, but you may also psychologically suffer–you’ll no longer enjoy sleeping in the same bed since you’re primed that there may be pests in it, causing you to lose sleep.

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  1. Incurring Unnecessary Costs

As mentioned, pests can bring harmful bacteria to our food, causing us to fall sick and consequently incurring huge hospital bills.

Besides, some pests can also destroy furniture. Mice, for instance, can make the couch their living space, causing them to tear up the fabric. And, couch repair will cost you money.

Termites can cause severe damage to wooden structures and furniture in our homes. Repairing or replacing these will cost you a lot of money.

What’s more, rodents will consume most of the food in our home. Hence, if you have rats in your home, they’ll cause you to incur expenses in buying more food. While you can set up mouse and rat traps in areas where you suspect they could be spending their time, there’s a chance that you may not be able to get rid of all of them. Because of this, it’s best to seek the services of an exterminator.

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  1. Damage to Personal Items

Mice and rats have been known to eat fabric, clothes, and even soap. They may also make holes through your expensive handbag or your travel backpack to know what lies inside. If they access important documents, they may tear them up and use the paper to create nests.

This is one more reason why you should ensure that your house is rodent-free.

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  1. Damage to Your Home Garden

Some pests will look for a warm and cozy home to nest during the fall or winter. If you have a home garden, they’ll consider the garden to be their new home, infesting and eating up all the greenery and leaving a mess behind.

Also, other pests will get inside your home after infesting the garden. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your garden is pest-free.

Moreover, if you have Boxelder trees, you’ll need to watch for boxelder bugs. During fall, boxelder bugs will come into our homes, especially if you have boxelder or silver maple trees close by. Their feces can stain clothes, carpets, and curtains.

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How to Prevent Pests from Accessing your Home

Why It's Necessary For Pest Control In Fall | How to Prevent Pests from Accessing your Home

While we’ve looked at why it’s important to get rid of pests, especially during fall, let’s not forget that prevention is the better option. There are several ways that you can prevent pests from infiltrating your home, including the following:

  1. Check For Cracks and Openings

Try and find these pests around the exterior structure of your home. If you find any, you can seal them with caulk or steel wool. This will prevent pests from finding an opening through which they can get inside your home.

Also, check for openings around windows as well as any cracks at the bottom of the doors. If you find any, take measures to repair them.

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  1. Screen The Attic For Evidence of Moisture

Bugs and insects prefer humid areas to thrive. If you notice that your attic has leaks, you need to seal these to prevent humidity build-up. You can also consider installing a dehumidifier. This lowers the humidity, making the attic less habitable for pests.

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  1. Inspect Packages From Outside

If you get a package or anything that you need to bring inside your home, make sure that you inspect the packaging from the outside first. Mice and bugs can hide within the carton, which you may then unknowingly let inside your home.

  1. Always Keep Kitchen Counters and Cabinets Clean

This stops any spilled organic matter from attracting bugs and rodents. Also, make sure to close the lid on any organic substances or food on your home tightly.

  1. Keep Firewood Away from the House

If you have firewood stored close to your home, this could offer a great place for pests to hide and make base before getting inside your home. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that you have the firewood that you keep ready for winter stored away from the house.

  1. Functional Drainage

Don’t forget to check your drainage and gutter system to make sure they’re working as expected. This will help take the water away from your home, preventing moisture buildup that’ll eventually attract pests.

Final Word

Fall is often the beginning of the cold season, which means many pests will be searching for a warm place to make their home. It’s important, therefore, to be proactive and take preventative measures.

However, if you find that some of these pests have managed to get inside your home, seek the services of an exterminator immediately.

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