6 Tips to Planning Your First Vegetable Garden

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6 Tips to Planning Your First Vegetable Garden

Planning Your First Vegetable GardenPlanning Your First Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables has got to be the ultimate way to enhance the flavor of any meal. There is nothing compared to the taste of a vegetable just picked and then brought into the kitchen and prepared as part of a meal. The flavors and texture of fresh-picked cannot be described it can only be experienced to get the true essence of fresh.

Many vegetables are so easy to grow that it is a shame more people don’t put out the effort for once you do then you will be hooked. With vegetable seeds costing so little you are almost guaranteed to save money over what you would spend going to the produce market. So not only will you have fresh produce you will save money as well.

1/ What To Grow

What vegetables should you start off within your first garden? I think that the answer to that lies in what do you like to eat and use the most. If you only use spinach once or twice a year it would probably be a safe bet that that should not be on your list. If you have a lot of salads then defiantly lettuce, endive, and Bok Choi to name a few most of the time you can get two plantings early spring to early summer and late summer to late fall. These crops are great as you can continue cutting leaves until they go to flower. You can also plant radishes in spring and fall they grow well in cool moist conditions and are ready in just 25 to 28 days from germination. (Click Next)


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