Planning To Have A Home Sauna In Your Residence?


Planning To Have A Home Sauna In Your Residence?

Planning To Have A Home Sauna In Your Residence

The idea of having a sauna room inside your house can be really appealing, especially in the cold winter weather when the temperature is below zero. Installing a sauna in your home can take your living space to a completely different level of comfort, although you still need to plan it correctly, or else you may face troubles using your sauna in the future.

It may also become a source of mess inside your home if you don’t consider the little things such as the drainage system and the location of the vent. That’s why you need to prepare for your project correctly and do your research before making any decisions. Here’s a brief guide on the things you need to consider before installing a home sauna.

Drainage and Material Options

Most people won’t even think about drainage needs at the time they install their sauna. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have a floor drain in your sauna, there are many reasons why your home sauna should have a drainage system. One of those reasons is how easy it will be to clean the sauna room when you can splash water around the sauna floor. It will be much easier when you can use tap water to clean the area.

Plus, usually, there are water buckets in there which places a possibility of having all that water spilled all over the floor of the sauna room. Some people even like to shower in their saunas. Those are the people that usually go for marble or concrete for the floor material of their saunas. You can also use cedar as it has a good fragrance, and it won’t absorb the excess heat as most other materials would.

How Much Space You Have at Home

Saunas require serious space considerations as they tend to take unnecessary space and change how a place looks, even if built as a one-person sauna room. You’ll need to rethink the space you have at home in order to secure a suitable spot for your sauna such as the basement.

Outdoor saunas tend to be a lot more expensive as they require durable materials to tolerate all sorts of weather conditions. This is why an indoor sauna will be a better idea if you have a specific budget in mind. Outdoor saunas tend to be a lot more expensive as they require durable materials to tolerate all sorts of weather conditions. This is why an indoor sauna will be a better idea if you have a specific budget in mind. We recommend buying a barrel sauna for your house to enjoy in the shower.

The Sauna Size

Before finalizing your sauna installation, you need to determine the goal behind it. Are you going to use it alone or are you going to have other people using it with you? Are you planning to have your guests use your sauna room too?

How many people do you plan to have using the sauna at the same time? The team recommends deciding whether you’re going to be sitting in the sauna or lying down. This will help you identify how big you need your sauna room to be and how much space it’s going to need.

Heaters and Control Panels

Some high-end sauna heaters out there are designed to provide users with super-intuitive user manuals that help make a smoother experience. They can now design these heaters to display humidity levels, time, temperature, and warming up phase. These control panels and heaters are responsible for maintaining the necessary temperature inside the sauna room.

For this reason, you should make sure your sauna heater is surrounded by a protective case so that no one gets burned touching it. You should also ensure that the outdoor temperature does not exceed 100 degrees celsius.

Vent Placement 

The ideal way to install sauna vents is by installing 2 vents, one next to the heater, and the other one opposite to the sauna and near the ceiling. It’s important to have a vent placed right next to the heater to supply it with fresh air and an appropriate amount of oxygen for the wood to burn inside the heater or stove.

It’s like this vent near the heater is the most important installation in the sauna room as it maintains the heat, air, and moisture inside the room. It also ensures the presence of breathable air inside the sauna and keeps the sauna dry and clean between the times you use it. It’s recommended to hire a professional to take care of the installation and placement of the vents for you due to how important this step is.

barrel saunaSauna rooms can provide a luxurious experience inside the home, especially in winter when you wouldn’t mind working up a sweat. However, installing a sauna room is not an easy project and there are so many considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Make sure you have enough space in your house and that you’re prepared for the drainage and ventilation options that you’re going to need for your home sauna.

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