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Renovating Lawn in 6 Stages

Renovating Lawn in 6 Stages

Renovating Lawn in 6 Stages
Renovating Lawn in 6 Stages


  1. To maximize the following step, cut the grass short and get rid of most of the weeds. Set the height of the blades of the lawnmower at 3cms. Make sure that the blades are sharpened.
  2. Treat to get rid of the moss which appears on the humid parts of the renovating lawn. Treat these areas with an anti-moss product.  When the temperature rises above 15°C apply a lawn weedkiller.  When the anti-moss product and/or the weedkiller have taken effect, scarify 10 to 15 days later.  Use the recommended doses of these products.
  3. Scarify, in order to get rid of the layer of felt and moss which suffocates the lawn and to ventilate the earth. Set the depth of scarification between 2 and 4mm. maximum: a deeper setting may rip up the roots of your lawn. Do this on a humid soil, which is neither too wet nor too dry.  Water the grass beforehand if necessary. For maximum efficiency, proceed by crossing your paths.  Don’t be surprised by the amount of waste material you extract! After scarifying, gather up the moss and waste which, if left, may suffocate your lawn.  The lawn may not look very pretty for some days after scarification.
  4. Replant with grass seeds to fill in the bare parts of the lawn. Select your seeds for refilling the area: choose a lawn “Red Label” which contains the best grasses (cheap seeds often give poor lawns). Use a seed spreader, crossing your paths so that the seeds are spread regularly over the surfaces to be refilled.  Spread 3 to 5mms. of lawn fertilizer or sand over the top.  Level off the surface with a rake.
  5. Roll and water to pack down the soil, to consolidate the rooting process and to help the grass to grow. Just after sowing, roll the renovating lawn to help the seeds to integrate into the soil, thus aiding germination.  Don’t pack down the soil too much. Water the seeds with between 3 to 5 liters per square meter.  Water frequently once the lawn is installed.  For more comfort and efficiency, use an automatic sprinkler. You can mow the grass about 20 to 30 days after sowing, making sure to set the lawnmower at maximum height.
  6. Fertilize in order to nourish the soil with the minerals it needs and to stimulate the growth of the new seeds. Spread a special lawn fertilizer 2 or 3 months after sowing.  Choose a fertilizer which operates progressively, thus producing a longlasting effect without burning the renovating lawn.  Follow the recommended doses and periods of application.



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