Best 10 Tips About Roof Maintenance You Need To Know


Best 10 Tips About Roof Maintenance You Need To Know

Many people say that all is well if you have food in your belly and a roof over your head. Roofs are always there for you to protect you from the elements. But, are we always there to return the favor to roofs? We tend to forget about this core part of the homes and business buildings in which we reside. Without proper roof management, it can all come crumbling down upon you.

In order to prevent damage to your building and reduce the need for roof replacement, you must maintain the roof. Luckily, it is not hard to maintain a roof, especially with the power of the internet. We should always use this age of digital information to our advantage, and that includes looking up roof maintenance tips.

1. Hiring a Professional Company

The best way to take care of your roof is by entrusting that job to someone more qualified. It is important to find a local company (i.e. if you live in Houston, you want a Houston company) that offers certified contractors. The certified contractors from the go-to Houston roofing company will visit, usually, twice a year, to check your roof out. The regular roof checkups also include a routine cleaning

Professionals know the ins and outs of any kind of roof, both commercial and residential. With this insight, they can solve any kind of problem in a much faster manner than you. These services cost depending on the company, but the time you save and the quality you gain are worth it. By maintaining the roof yourself, you can prevent many problems, but not all of them. It is usually just a question of time before you need someone to help you with your roof.

2. Cleaning the Roof

Roofs are perfect for collecting large quantities of dirt over time. Even though no one steps on them, usually, they are prone to other elements. The wind carries dust and many other smaller particles, but also bigger ones like leaves. This environment combined with rain is perfect for microbial growth. Combine that with bird droppings, and your roof is ready to form new life.

This is why you need to clean your roof on a regular basis. You do not need to wash the roof daily, once in two years is enough. It again depends on how much rain you get and how many leaves fall and birds are around your roof. Cleaning your roof can be a very fun summer activity, just be careful not to slip. You can have fun with your friends cleaning the roof, but try not to drink alcohol while up there.

3. Cleaning the Gutters

Gutters are some of the worst parts when it comes to maintaining your roof. You need to clean your roof every two years because most of the dirt falls into the gutters. They are the ones that collect most of the yucky substances, which you do not want clogging up. It is a messy job that will require you to stick your hands in there and collect them. There are other more efficient techniques and tools, but those are usually available to professionals.

Besides cleaning the gutters with your hand, you will need a strong water hose. Depending on the material of the gutter, you can use many useful chemicals to remove sediment. Which chemical you will use, depends heavily on both the type of sediment and the gutter. Again, professionals are much more experienced with these chemicals and have a wider array of them.

4. Moss and Plants

Even though green roofs are a pretty popular and good concept, they are not that simple. Just because you have moss or other plants on your roof does not make it a green roof. Green roofs are made to withstand the growth of these green friends. Your roof is probably not made to do that, so the roots can cause damage to your shingles and tiles. Simple plucking and treating with herbicides and algaecides will do the trick.

5. Shingles

Shingles can come and go, which is why you need to check up on them from time to time. Of course, shingles do not disappear into thin air on their own. Shingles take damage over time, especially after storms, from which they can go missing. After such events, you need to check your shingles and how they are holding up.

6. Cracks

Cracks are roofs’ worst enemy because one crack is enough to cause a leak. Leakage leads to more problems, such as mold infestation. The simplest way to deal with cracks is with caulk, pretty fast and simple. By regularly checking for cracks and patching them up, you avoid major leakage problems.

7. Insulation

Proper insulation is especially important if you want your roof to last. The temperature imbalance of the inside and outside can have drastic effects on the roof. This is why you need to check on your insulation to make sure it is not damaged.

8. Chimney

Chimneys are usual spots that can cause other major roof problems. Cracks caused over time and due to temperature differences can be fixed with caulk. It is important to monitor the chimney regularly to avoid crack accumulation or other problems with shingles.

9. Solar Panels

If you have solar panels, you need to make sure that your roof is clean and tidy. Dirty roofs can cause damage to the solar panel or make it less efficient. This is why you need to observe the area around the panels and keep that area clean.

10. Snow

In the winter, you will need special strategies for roof maintenance. That is because snow will be your number one enemy in maintaining a healthy roof. One type of installation you must have in snowy areas is snow guards. These guards prevent snow avalanches from coming down from your roof.

These core roof maintenance tips will serve you and your roof greatly. With these tips, you can maintain almost any type of roof and make it last for many years to come. It is important to think about your roof before it is too late. By reading this, you are already showing great compassion in protecting your precious roof. By giving back to your roof a favor for this protection, the roof will protect you back.

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