Sage Beautiful Plants Simple to Cultivate


Sage Beautiful Plants Simple to Cultivate

Sage Beautiful Plants Simple to CultivateSage Beautiful Plants Simple to Cultivate

The urban gardener is fond of simple plants to grow while being decorative. Sage beautiful plants are one of those! Of the hundreds of species that make up the great sage family, some are particularly interesting for blooming a small urban space. Give them sun and a well-drained land, they will not disappoint you. Annual, perennial or shrub, discover the sage you need!

Simple and easy-going plants

If you want to bloom your little garden without complicating your life, think about the annual sage. They are indeed simple plants to integrate into a massif and bloom for several months. These short-lived varieties (1 year to 2 years for biennials), grow almost everywhere and are also very decorative.

sage beautiful plantsSage beautiful plants simple to cultivate

simple plants salvia sclarea

In this category, clary sage (salvia sclarea) and sage viridis (salvia viridis) make the beautiful summers of urban gardens. Clary sage, in this case, is interesting in many ways. Thus, this biennial makes you enjoy its beautiful fuzzy gray foliage, embossed appearance the first year. This has the added advantage of being persistent in winter. simple plants sage clary whiteThe show then continues the second year with an impressive flowering on 1.5 m stems that attracts bees and butterflies. The bract variety white is particularly bright. Ideal for animating a city garden or a garden of herbs, clary sage also adapts to pot culture. In addition, if you do not remove the flowers after flowering, it reseeds itself!

Sage viridisSage viridis

Sage viridis, meanwhile, is a magnificent annual 0.30 to 0.50 m high whose purple bracts, white or pink delight small gardens all summer. Easy to sow in place in April, it will not require any special care. You can also use it to make pretty dry bouquets. These two annuals are really simple plants to acclimatize in an urban environment if they have sun!

Simple and undemanding plants

You want to enjoy an abundant and lasting flowering without having to worry about it, the perennial sage is for you. These simple plants to cultivate have, in addition, need no care! Indeed, it is enough to carve them in November, to see them leave again the following spring.

Here again, two varieties are particularly interesting. The first is the sage verticillata (sage verticillata) that fits everywhere without effort. Its ears of 0.50 m high, with tiered flowers, are perfect for creating beautiful masses from June to September. This variety of aspect a bit wild is also well suited to the creation of country-style gardens. It is also integrated into a mineral garden like the gravel garden.

simple plants salvia phyllis

The second variety of perennial sage to remember is the “Phyllis Fancy” sage. She is indeed really impressive!

Firstly by its spectacular development since it is able to reach 2 m high and wide in a single season. Then, by its flowering which lasts from July to November without weakening. Finally, by its ability to thrive in difficult conditions. simple plants salvia phyllis fancy So, it is ideal to animate a terrace in full sun in town where nothing can resist!

Here are two simple plants to grow without any maintenance. This also makes them favorite varieties for holiday gardens.

Simple and resistant plants

You are looking for simple plants to cultivate and camel sobriety, the shrubby sages respond presently. Coming from dry and hot climates, these small shrubs are very resistant. Two varieties are to be remembered for our small gardens in the city, each of which has its own qualities.

Thus, the microphylla sage (salvia microphylla) are remarkable for their blooming of incredible longevity. They bloom in effect continuously from May to November. A record! And more without needing watering for that. This plant is therefore ideal for urban gardeners looking for ease. Thanks to its low (0,50 m) and dense port, it also has its place as well in solid mass as in the pot.

simple plants officinal sage

The officinal sage (salvia officinalis) plays its most beautiful role in the vegetable garden where it is cultivated for its aromatic qualities.

Not only does it bloom nicely at the beginning of summer, but it also produces persistent and fragrant foliage that can be used in cooking. No need to care for it to thrive and watering is only necessary in case of hot weather for potted plants.

A must in the kitchen garden!

Feel free to welcome the sage in your small garden or on your balcony with your Sage Beautiful Plants Simple to Cultivate, these simple plants to grow and easy to live. They will enchant your beds and animate your summer flowerpot so nice! To learn more about the countless varieties of sage.

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