Signs That Your Garden Sprinkler System Needs to Be Repaired


Signs That Your Garden Sprinkler System Needs to Be Repaired

Signs That Your Garden Sprinkler System Needs to Be Repaired

Sprinklers are the unsung heroes of many lawns, gardens, and complex farming systems. An effective sprinkler system will provide hydration to a large area consistently, all the while reducing the amount of wasted water and keeping it at a minimum.

That being said, sprinkler systems require maintenance and can fail from time to time. We’ve put together this short guide in an effort to familiarize you with some of the common signs that your sprinkler system needs to be repaired. Let’s dive right in!

What is a Sprinkler System and How Does it Work?

Sprinkler systems are used to maintain your yard by watering your grass. Whether you have a big lawn or only one tree, the sprinkler system may do all the work for you!

A sprinkler system can be an automated or manual system that moves water over desired areas by using underground pipes that connect to sprinklers. The sprinkler moves in a circular motion, which is why it’s called rotary irrigation.

Top 5 Signs that You Need a Sprinkler System Repair

We are all well aware of the problems that exist with our water systems. Oftentimes, it feels like we are fighting a losing battle with them, so it can be hard to tell when there is actually something wrong. Here are five signs you need a sprinkler system repair.

  1. Your water pressure is drastically different than it used to be
  2. You have seen an increase of spiders or other pests on your property of late
  3. You have had more frequent service calls recently
  4. Your lawn has begun to brown
  5. Your sprinkler heads are not working properly

Uneven Coverage

Even coverage is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy garden or lawn. In fact, even the spread of water is the main job of your sprinkler system. If you notice that some areas of your garden aren’t getting the water they need, it’s time to take a closer look at the sprinkler system.

There are numerous reasons why you’re getting parched areas and uneven coverage. Things such as faulty sprinkler heads are a good place to start with your troubleshooting process.

However, this issue can be a bit more complicated than that. Uneven coverage can also be a result of improper sprinkler head setup. In some cases, all you need to do is adjust the sprinkler head a little.

Higher Than Usual Water Bills

One of the more common symptoms of sprinkler system issues is a higher-than-normal water bill. If your sprinklers are usually on for a long time, and you have a leak somewhere in the system, you can potentially lose a lot of water without noticing. Even the smaller leaks have the potential to push your water bill well into the redline.

In many cases, it’s easy to diagnose the issue as all you need to do is follow the waterline and look for leaks in the system. However, in some cases, you might need a professional to come in and inspect your entire irrigation setup.

When looking for professional help, don’t limit yourself to your immediate neighborhood. If you live near Salt Lake City, definitely expand your search to technicians doing sprinkler repair in Salt Lake City itself. The same applies to other cities and areas around them. Put experience and performance above proximity and price. That’s the best way to avoid recurring issues in the future.

Low Pressure In the System

Almost every garden or lawn irrigation system out there is pressurized to some extent. Sprinklers rely on water pressure to cover the necessary surface area. The moment you start experiencing low water pressure is the moment your garden or lawn will no longer get the hydration it needs.

The lack of pressure in the system can be caused by a number of things. Generally speaking, this issue is often more difficult to diagnose than a leak in the system. That being said, a big enough leak is definitely on the list of problems that cause a drop in pressure.

What you’re looking for are obstructions in the system, clogged lines, low source pressure, and more. Again, this is an instance where it might be best to call a professional and have them do a thorough inspection of the entire system.

You could be dealing with a tree root that has penetrated one of the underground lines and caused an obstruction. Unless you know what you’re looking for, it would be difficult to diagnose this issue. However, a pro would generally be able to quickly run through the troubleshooting sequence and deduce the cause of the low pressure in the system.

The Water Won’t Turn Off

Most garden and lawn irrigation systems are designed to provide sufficient water to an area without your supervision. Many people leave their sprinklers on while they are away, sometimes for numerous days. Having your sprinkler system malfunction in a way that makes it run all the time can lead to a massive water bill at the beginning of the next month.

Issues that often cause a failure to shut off include broken or malfunctioning valves, valve solenoids, and diaphragms. The repair process isn’t difficult, but you’ll definitely want to catch this one on time.


Sputtering sprinklers can cause all kinds of damage to your property. Just like the lack of water is not ideal for plants, neither is a surplus of water, especially when it’s concentrated in a small area. Sputtering sprinklers could cause exactly that. If you find that some areas of your lawn or garden are becoming over-saturated with water, you could be dealing with a sputtering sprinkler.

The issue with this particular problem is that it can be caused by a whole array of things, including but not limited to many of the mentioned issues above.

Faulty Wiring

Many modern sprinkler systems use electrical wiring to distribute power to various critical components. When wiring gets compromised due to exposure or physical damage, it can cause numerous phantom issues that can be difficult to diagnose.

Alternatively, faulty wiring can also cause the entire sprinkler system to fail altogether. Basic maintenance should help with this issue, especially if you’re proactive with sprinkler system inspections. Wiring that is exposed and affected by the elements can be diagnosed before it becomes a serious problem.

Maintenance Matters

Modern sprinkler systems are rarely simple, rudimentary means of irrigating a lawn or a garden. Modern sprinklers are complex and require regular maintenance. With more moving parts and individual components, it’s only normal for things to fail from time to time. When that happens, it pays off to have a sprinkler system repair crew on speed dial.

That being said, many of the sprinkler issues can be prevented with consistent maintenance and regular inspections. The key is to be vigilant and anticipate potential problems. Knowing your system helps as well. Be aware of where your critical components are and how the surroundings are affecting them.

Don’t plant trees on top or very near your irrigation system because you’re risking having to deal with roots entering your pipes. Lastly, if your system develops a serious problem, do yourself a favor and call a professional.

Why It’s Important to Fix Your Broken Irrigation System Sooner Rather Than Later

A broken irrigation system not only causes damage to your lawn and garden but can also lead to higher water bills and a dry, unhealthy environment.

The best way to fix a broken irrigation system is by getting help from a professional service that can diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution.

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  1. The low pressure in the sprinkler system problem that you talked about was really helpful to read. This has been happening for quite some time now, and I don’t want us to experience this right when spring begins. I’ll have a sprinkler expert take a look at our system and do some repairs as early as now.

  2. Our garden is slowly being flooded but my dad is away on a business trip and I don’t know what to do since he is the one who looks into these things. I’m thankful to find out that I should track down where our waterline is, then try to find pipe leaks in the system. When I do, I’d have to call repair services before our water bill spikes up.

  3. It’s good to know how you can pinpoint the source of the flooding in your sprinkler system by tracking down the water line and finding where the water is leaking from. I would understand how these situations cannot be avoided when you are using your systems. But I think a good maintenance service would be able to detect this early on so that it is not likely to happen more often.

  4. I like that you talked about how sputtering sprinklers could cause all kinds of damage to your property. I was watching our sprinkler activate yesterday morning and I saw that it wasn’t spraying properly for some reason. It would be bad to just leave it be so we should contact sprinkler system repair services and have them handle it.

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