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Small Garden In A Small Area Of Your Home

Small Garden In A Small Area Of Your Home

Small Garden In A Small Area Of Your Home
Small Garden In A Small Area Of Your Home

Small garden for a limited space. You may not have room for a garden with a variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruit, but there may be an area where you can place a selection of your favorite growing plants. For example, you may like to include fresh herbs in your meals. You can place a window box garden and pick your fresh herbs when required.

There are a number of options for a small garden. Depending on your space limitations, your options can range from a window box garden or a planter box to a large container garden.

Think About Your Garden Design During The Winter Months

You may be dreaming of having a beautiful garden, but when space is a problem, you may put those dreams aside. A small garden can be a beautiful addition to your home or property, even when you don’t think you have that much space with which to work.

What is even better is that there are quite a few ways to review your options. You can grow flowers or vegetables, or you can even have a small herb garden if you love to cook with fresh herbs.

Planning For A Small Vegetable Garden

You don’t need much space to have a great vegetable garden. This type of small garden needs to be well planned out, but you can get some things out of it. Think about the vegetables that you use the most, and then decide how much room you need for each plant.

Tomato plants can spread out in a small garden, but with the right type of trussing, they can grow up instead of out. That leaves room in your tiny garden for a few of these, and perhaps a few other types of veggies that you want to include. Use your space wisely and you will be surprised about what you can fit in there.

Ideas For A Small Flower Garden

When it comes to flowers, you can use a small plot for your small garden and still have something that offers you beauty and serenity. As with the vegetable garden, you have to think about making the most of your space with this type of small garden. Even a plot that is only five by five feet can be magnificent.

You may have to put a lot of thought into it, and you can get some great ideas by looking online or asking at your local garden center. Find out about combining colors and height without taking up too much space.

Window Boxes For Your Herbs And Flowers

When you don’t have even a five by five space for your small garden, you have to think about things like window boxes that can give you a bit of nature when you don’t have a yard with which to work. You can only have a few plants, but you can make this box beautiful. You can use this for flowers and herbs, but it might not work with vegetables.

You may even find a way to have a small garden of herbs that can grow inside to give you the fresh taste for your food that you love.

A Container Garden For A Limited Space

Small Garden In A Small Area Of Your Home
Small Garden In A Small Area Of Your Home

If you definitely do not have space in your yard for a small garden, you can consider a container garden. The size of the container can range from a very small window box garden to a large garden. Container gardens are usually kept inside, so they are better suited for indoor gardening.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can purchase the size of the container you need. Initially, you could start with a small planter garden, and later you may need to purchase a larger container garden, depending on your space limitations.

You may be living in an apartment and you do not have access to a yard at all, but you still like to have a small garden to grow a small selection of flowers, herbs and vegetable plants.

Growing plants requires access to light. If you do not have plenty of natural light in your home, you can purchase grow lights from your local nursery. Grow lights simulate sunlight. You can place them close to your growing plants and you will notice they will thrive.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas for a small garden.

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