Solutions to Cramped Kitchen Space Problems


Solutions to Cramped Kitchen Space Problems

Solutions to Cramped Kitchen Space Problems

Having a small kitchen can be the pits, even if you have the room you technically need to do all your cooking and food preparation, if it’s cramped and cluttered you very well can end up feeling claustrophobic, and be convinced that it’s impossible to work with.

By selecting the correct furniture and keeping the room as clutter-free as possible, you will give your small kitchen the feeling of being more open, and therefore avoid feeling confined in it.

The best thing to do with a tiny kitchen is to get a drop-leaf kitchen table to eat your meals at. These tables are adjustable, meaning they will give you the table space you need when you need it, and also tuck away against the wall when you don’t. It’s a perfect solution for opening up more floor space, one you owe it to yourself to try as soon as possible.

One thing you may want to think about is your cabinets. Cabinets take up a lot of room, and removing a cabinet or two will make a room look almost bare afterward. This may be just the thing to help you get more comfortable in your own kitchen. Try emptying out one of your cabinets and see if your things will fit into the rest of them easily. If so, it may be worth considering doing a little remodeling to freshen up and open up the space.

Finally, a little trick that may help you is to keep the counter clear of everything when not in use. This includes dish soap when you are not washing dishes, spices when you aren’t using them, and even knife blocks that can go away when not in use. The result here is a more open counter that will not make you feel like a mess is closing in on you when you enter the kitchen. It’s a surprisingly powerful psychological effect – try it out!

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These are a few tips to get you thinking critically about your kitchen. Sure, it may not have a lot of space in it, but by using the space in an optimal way, be they smaller cabinets or drop leaf tables, you can make it feel much bigger than it may actually be. Good luck!

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