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How to Sow Lawn in your Garden

How to Sow Lawn in your Garden

How to Sow Lawn in your Garden
How to Sow Lawn in your Garden

With the approach of the summer, you dream of a beautiful lawn for you to release there or to play balloon with the children. But is this the good season to sow lawn? How is it necessary to prepare your ground and especially how must you sow your lawn? Here some advice to help you to carry out your square of lawn as well as possible.

When to sow Lawn?

It is preferable to sow with the autumn except if your lawn shelters many trees because the fall of the sheets would be likely to obstruct you. It is possible to only sow in spring, you are likely to have to sprinkle the summer and to see proliferating the appearance of weeds.

How to prepare the ground?

Clear of undergrowth and withdraw all weeds.
Plow the ground or dig it. You must dig on a minimum of 30cm of depth.
Withdraw stones, the roots as well as the stocks.
Deposit organic manure.
Pass a claw to crumble the ground. Continue to withdraw the roots and stones met.
Sprinkle. Weeds will push back in the 15 following days. Withdraw them.
Pass a blow of rake in order to equalize surface.
Lastly, pass a roller to grass to pack the ground.

practice sow lawn in your garden?

Various seeds of lawn are proposed on the market. You will choose them according to your ground and of its future function (plants ornament, grass approval intended for the playing fields or sports etc). Their resistance just like differs between them their longevity and their time to settle. All this depends on your needs.

Do not sow lawn one day of wind or rain.
Use a seeder with grass or sow lawn with the hand. Carry out 2 regular and cross passages.
Proceed by squares using a reference mark to simplify. Deposit more seeds of grass to the edges of the ground.
Pass the rake to bury the sowing of lawn. Pack while passing the roller with lawn (sow lawn). Sprinkle with a fine rain. If need be to maintain the ground wet while sprinkling during all the time germination.
4 to 6 weeks later, the grass will have left at a height of approximately 5cm. Then pass by again the roller with the freshness of the morning. This supports the establishment of the grass. One week later, the grass would have will reach the 10cm. Pass the mower rather high with a correctly sharpened blade.
Pass by again the roller. Take care then to maintain your grass regularly if you do not want to be invaded by weeds.

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