Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home

Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home
Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home

Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home

Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home

Stone walkway to the front entrance of the house, with shrubs and other greenery along the side of the pathway, helps beautify the landscape around your home garden.

If you want to make your entrance more inviting to visitors to your home, then a stone walkway to your front door would be ideal. This would also help lessen the amount of mud on your visitor’s shoes before they come into your home. Especially on rainy days.

You may need to ensure your current pathway is safe and stable so that there is no chance of an injury to your visitor. Get an inspection by a landscape designer to get advice on the condition of your pathway and how you could replace it with a stone walkway.

To Repair A Stone Walkway

Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home

When my mother moved into her house about ten years ago, there was a stone walkway that leads up to the front door. Though I thought it looked good near the driveway, it was torn up quite a bit near the entrance to the house.

My mom didn’t know if she should try to save it or if she should rip it up and go with concrete. There was a good chance someone would trip and get hurt, but I asked her to save it and try to fix it before she gave up on it.

I ended up working on the stone walkway for her. Because I work in construction and landscaping I can often get really good deals on building supplies, and I went to my reliable suppliers and got the stone I needed.

I studied the stone walkway as it was before I went to get a new stone because some of it could be used again. There were other pieces that were shattered that had to be removed, but about half of the stone was good.

I got some that matched pretty closely, and most of it was a reddish pink color.

It took me only a few weekends to work on the stone walkway for my mom. I couldn’t take off of work to do it, but I said do it on the weekend for them was not a problem.

House And Stone Walkway Needs Some Work

My mom and stepdad were going to leave that for last, as the stone walkway was the least of their problems. They had bought the house with the knowledge that it would need some work, but once they got started it needs more work than they had realized.

Had they tackled the walkway on their own I fear it may have never got done. The roof and the windows alone took quite a while, and there was more to do after that.

After the stone walkway was finished, my mom thanked me for talking her into saving it. It was really great, and she said she wanted to plant some flowers along the edge of it.

She ended up planting a shrub that has green and red leaves, and they really looked good with the reddish colored stones. Everyone who came to see their new house once they got most of the work done said they loved the stone walkway, and it truly did add something to the house.

I advised mum about other types of plants she can place along the stone walkway to make the path to the entrance of the house more interesting. She did not want tall plants, as she was concerned about security.

I went to my favorite nursery supplier and got a few more shrubs that would blend with the stone walkway colors.

Solar Lights For Safety And Security

Stone Walkway To The Front Door of Your Home

As mum was concerned about safety and security, I also advised her about placing solar lights around the house. She agreed. I arranged for some solar lights to be installed around the outside of the house so that once she stepped outside the house at night, the lights would turn on.

She said she had always been afraid of the dark and what lies out there. Now she is assured that there is no one out there as the solar lights turn on whenever she or her husband steps outside.

She knows that there is someone out there when the solar lights come on.

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  1. I find it helpful that you suggested that a person can add a walkway from their garden that leads to a home’s entrance in order to make it look more inviting for guests. If I were to make one at home, I would have to get a supply of ready-mix concrete from a local supplier. Doing this will help me make it easier to have it installed and have it ready before inviting friends over for an intimate party over the weekend.

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