Top 5 Succulent Plants and Growing Tips in Containers


Top 5 Succulent Plants and Growing Tips in Containers

Top 5 Succulent Plants and Growing Tips in Containers
Top 5 Succulent Plants and Growing Tips in Containers

Succulent is excellent decorative plants, demand less water and sunlight. There are immense varieties of succulents are available in the market with lots of ornamental features. There are many plants, which are easy to grow, some are a little more demanding, but all of them are surely a great way to enhance creativity.

Succulents are often considered as decoration plants and people generally take these wonderful species very casually. As these plants demand less water, light and thrive in the simplest of containers, these give an endless creative possibility to make amazing varieties of succulent with colors and shapes.

It is not difficult to find succulents. These plants are common and you can buy it in a garden store at a cheap price. However, growing succulents require certain knowledge about the plants and habitat.

Tips to Grow Succulents

  • Succulents can grow in a variety of places including patio pavers, rock gardens, stone walls, etc. but the easiest method is to grow these plants in containers. You can find pots of various sizes and shapes, but as an aesthetic value, you can grow in stone or elongated containers.
  • To make it look good, you can grow succulents in hypertufa troughs and pots, which are quite easily available online or at local garden centers. You can grow lots more variety of plants in a single container to create a colorful design.
  • The plants require a minimum amount of water, so it should be planted in a well-drained pot. Also, you can add a 25% builder’s sand in the soil. Succulents do not require fertilizers.
  • Succulents do need consistent moisture and happy when they are out in the sun.
  • Plants of Succulents are excellent decorative accessories for your garden as well. If you are willing to buy fountains in Sydney, you can place your pots around the small fountain to create an artistic ambiance.
  • In addition to cactus, succulents are great plants for creating captivating terrariums.

5 Wonderful Succulents to Décor your House

1- Paddle PlanPaddle Plant

    This plant is a winter plant with relatively tall than other similar species. The leaves are flat and the design of the plant is whimsical. The plant bolts when bloom so the lifespan of this species is not so long.


2- Tree aeoniumTree aeonium

    This species features deep burgundy to black variety with large cream-colored variegated leaves with pink shades. Tree aeonium can grow up to 24 inches tall and develop a thick trunk. The plant blooms in winter with colorful yellow flowers.


3- Donkey’s TailDonkey’s Tail

    This exotic vine-like succulent can grow up to 2 feet long with unique small beads like leaves. The leaves are light green and easily grow with little maintenance. The plant can be kept in a hanging basket on a wall or balcony. It can also grow in shades and should not be kept in direct sunlight.


4- FiresticksFiresticks

    Firesticks, the red form is devoid of chlorophyll and has a great texture. The absence of chlorophyll gives this unique reddish hue and stunted growth. The plant can be kept in full sun and can be planted along with moisture-loving non-succulent plants.


5- Cobweb HouseleekCobweb Houseleek

    The small hardy succulent is a small rosette from mountains. It has a unique spider-like design with stems forming outside from between the leaves to bear offsets. The succulent can grow in 5-8 zones up to 3-8 inches tall. The plant can be grown in shades, but occasional sunlight can be beneficial to grow well.


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Grow Hardy and Durable Succulent Plants

Succulent plants thrive in arid climates and soil conditions, thanks to their ability to store water in their roots, stems, and leaves. Their roots grow close to the surface of the soil enabling them to absorb moisture from light rain showers and dew. Many varieties of succulents possess tough skin. The skin may appear waxy or may be covered with hair-thin bristles or spine-like protrusions.

The most well-known variety of succulent plants is cacti from the Cactaceae family. Other popular succulent species occur in the Aizoaceae and Crassulaceae families. Succulents are found naturally all over the world. These plants are usually inhabitants of semi-desert, desert, sub-tropic and tropic regions, but they can also be found in some seaside coastal areas.

Succulent Plants Lovers

They can survive long periods of arid weather and withstand wind and rain. They don’t require a large space to grow, so they’re great for container gardens and hanging baskets. Plus, their roots are shallow so little soil or potting mix is required for planting or transplanting making them easy for children and beginning gardeners to care for. Presently how might you contend with any of that?

There are numerous options for purchasing succulents at a great price. Home improvement stores and gardening sections of major department stores often carry these plants. Online specialty nurseries like Amazon offer the convenience of online shopping.

Succulent plants prefer bright light. Placing them near a south-facing window will ensure that they receive adequate light. Temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal for most succulents to thrive. These plants also need generous amounts of water in the summer but in winter months, watering is only necessary every other month. Excessive watering will lead to plant rot and the result of this disease is death. Fertilizing during the summer will enhance the health of your succulents but this should be avoided during winter.

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