Summer Breaks in Small Urban Garden

Summer Breaks in Small Urban Garden

Summer Breaks in Small Urban Garden
Summer Breaks in Small Urban Garden

Relaxing Break

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a small urban garden. Life moves outdoors for our greatest pleasure. In the city, although the garden space is often reduced, it is particularly pleasant to arrange delicious bubbles of life in the open air. Day and night, the time has come to get some summer breaks in your little urban garden!

Relaxation breaks in an urban garden

An urban garden, as small as it is, is above all a wonderful area of freedom that can be fully enjoyed in the summer. To take your summer quarters outdoors in the best conditions, a minimum of comfort and staging is necessary!

There are so many activities that can be moved to the garden during the summer! Including all the activities of relaxation. Napping, reading, daydreaming, chatting … each of these moments of respite is even more beneficial if the comfort and the decor are at the rendezvous.

A hammock swinging with the wind or a comfortable deck chair on the terrace and this is a nap corner outdoor quickly installed.

Nomadic version, on the floor, and some cushions materialize a relaxation area to enjoy a nap or to improvise a picnic!

Good book in your Small Urban Garden

With a good book and a cool drink at your fingertips, time stops flying in our little urban garden, which becomes an oasis of well-being.

Similarly, at the time of confidences, a cozy corner generously provided with cushions offers a welcoming environment for friendly or more intimate conversations.

More simply, a bench dressed in the colors of summer (the colors of the garden enchant the summer in the city), offers a halt conducive to daydreaming. In these bubbles of peace created in the heart of an urban garden, the presence of the plant reinforces the feeling of an elsewhere in the heart of the city.

Friendly breaks in an urban garden

The urban garden is also a precious space of conviviality which can be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset. Thus, in the morning, what a pleasure to have a breakfast alone to enjoy the first rays of the sun. A small table and folding chairs installed in the part of the best-exposed garden and this is a day that starts well!

A lunch on the terrace without moving from his garden is easy to improvise in a minimum of space (how to create a cozy dining area in a small garden). A beautifully laid table and some flowers are enough to create the illusion of a lunch in the countryside or at the water’s edge! All you have to do is heat the barbecue and prepare the grill to enjoy a lunch without constraints.

At the cocktail hour, lounge style with armchairs with welcoming shapes in which to curl up to appreciate the present moment (recipes of cocktails plants and alcohols to discover). And why not play with a touch of exoticism so that the urban garden becomes an exotic garden!

At dusk, the light enters the scene to create the atmosphere (how to play with the light in the garden for summer evenings).

Candles and lanterns are a must for a cool dinner under the starry sky. The garlands of light and lanterns (solar is ideal) meanwhile, have no equal to animate space by bringing colors and cheerfulness. A few flowers and candles floating in a bucket of a garden and here is a plant decoration easy to achieve and full of freshness that perfectly complements the atmosphere. Guests can arrive, the small urban garden has donned its evening dress!

Summer offers the opportunity to live outside and find a wonderful sense of freedom. When living in the city, the urban garden gives the opportunity to enjoy this life without constraints. All you have to do is set up charming corners to fully enjoy summer breaks in your small urban garden!

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