Top 6 Summer House Renovation Ideas

Top 6 Summer House Renovation Ideas
Top 6 Summer House Renovation Ideas

Summer is probably the best season to renovate a house. With the beautiful weather and more time on our hands, it’s much easier to plan and perform remodeling projects. The only question is – what should you renovate?

The answer, as usual, is – it depends. There are many factors you should consider when deciding on the things you wish to renovate. For instance, if you live in the Chicago area, your primary concern could be investing in a better thermostat. If that’s the case, you should start looking for reliable thermostat services around Chicago, IL, way before the summer months to have your new device installed in June.

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your roofing, the best idea is to do it at the turn of August and September. In other words, it’s up to you to decide on which areas you intend to focus your project on. To help you make the right call, read on. Below, we’ll talk about six summer house renovation ideas you should consider.

Install an Air Conditioning Unit

The summer heat is probably the most common reason why people decide to renovate their houses at this time of the year. If you are among those who are buying condos for renovation in places where the temperature rises above 90℉, you need to install air conditioning as soon as possible. The best time to do it is around June or July.

Update Your Front Porch

If you own a house with a front porch, you should think about updating it this summer. It is an affordable way to make your home look more attractive and welcoming. Besides, updating your front porch will make your home more resistant to climate changes and other natural disasters.

To update your porch and make it more inviting, you need to invest in new siding, paint it, replace the flooring and add some furniture and accessories. A good idea is also to add a small pond and some flowers for a more appealing effect.

Add Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans is another home improvement project people undertake during summer. While this may seem like something you don’t need if you have an AC unit already, summer attic fans work great in combination with window units or central air conditioning systems.

Adding ceiling fans is also a good idea because they provide better airflow than different types of fans. Additionally, they are less expensive than many other options available on the market today. If you do not want to overpay and keep your home cool during summer, this is the perfect option for you.

Install New Windows

Windows can become damaged over time by weather conditions or vandalism. If you don’t want to repair them or replace them with used ones, just get some new ones installed this summer.

Replacing windows is usually a relatively easy project to complete. All you need to do is make a short consultation with professionals who can help inspect them and share with you some advice on what needs to be done. Based on their recommendations, you can decide on what type of windows you should opt for and who will perform the installation work for you.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation is another summer house renovation project many people undertake every year. It makes sense because kitchen fixtures tend to age quickly and become outdated after some time. Consider investing in new kitchen cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, and more this summer to keep your kitchen looking modern and up-to-date.

Many homeowners choose to renovate their kitchens after purchasing their house because they want their home to match their interior design preferences and tastes. You can also renovate your kitchen if water leaks or other natural disasters have damaged it. In any case, making a kitchen renovation during summer is an excellent idea.

Upgrade Your Exterior Lighting Systems

Last but not least, upgrading exterior lighting systems can help make your home look more elegant and modern this summer. If you are still using old incandescent bulbs outside your house, consider investing in newer LED lights instead. They consume less energy than incandescent bulbs and are much brighter than them as well.

LED lights are also sturdier than incandescent lights and more resistant to weather conditions such as rain or snowfall. You should consider upgrading your exterior lighting system during the driest month of the year (usually July or August) so that installation work goes quickly and smoothly.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, summer is an excellent time to renovate your home. There are many renovation projects that you can do in June or July.

Consider upgrading the exteriors of your home by updating your front porch and installing some new exterior lights. This way, you can illuminate your backyard and make your home stand out from the rest of your neighborhood. Moreover, you can install an AC unit and ceiling fans to keep your house cool during long summer days.

Do not be afraid to experiment, be open for a change, and you will create the perfect home in no time. Good luck!

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