Terrace South, the Good Choices

Terrace South, the Good Choices

Terrace South, the Good Choices
Terrace South, the Good Choices

The south terrace is the dream of every city dweller! The southern exposure gives access to a wide choice of plants. The disadvantages of such exposure are excessive heat in the summer and the risk of drought. To successfully build a terrace to the south, both factors must be taken into account. Here are some valuable tips from the landscape experience.

Terrace to the south: tame the sun!

The priority on a terrace to the south is to create shaded areas. For this, nomadic systems are preferred. Umbrella or shade sail can be moved according to the course of the sun.

For the floor, it is better to avoid materials that capture too much heat such as concrete or stone. Wood or composite materials are more appropriate. In addition, you can walk barefoot without burning yourself!

To the south, the morning light makes the colors appear more nuanced while the evening light makes them shimmer. These are particularly pleasant moments on to the south. At noon, on the contrary, the colors and shapes are “crushed” and the shadow is indispensable. In this context, warm colors are ideal. Reds, oranges, golden yellows and other can be declined in the furniture, in the decoration or in the vegetation.

A terrace in the south is particularly conducive to idleness. Do not forget to provide comfortable chairs or loungers! When it comes to furniture, avoid the natural wood a little too pale under the sun.

To bring some freshness, and if space allows, why not plan a fountain to build yourself?

Beautiful plants for south terrace

Plants that are resistant to the south tend to have rather slender gray silver foliage. This tone makes it possible to bind the colors between them. It goes well with white, blue, pink and coppery tones.

To ensure a permanent vegetal decoration on a terrace in the south, boxwood, laurel, and rosemary are perfect. In addition, they can be cut easily into shapes to structure this decor. In addition, grasses soften the scene and are particularly highlighted by the evening light.

To compose a lush, richly floral painting, combine perennials with Mediterranean flowers who appreciate this exhibition. Thus, oleander, lavender, agapanthus, convolvulus, cistus, sedum, lantana and other gauras will flourish without any problem.

In general, in the south, the flowers are more numerous, the flowering is longer and the perfumes are exacerbated (what happiness!).

Finally, the terrace to the south is ideal for growing aromatic herbs. Thyme, sage, oregano, basil, mint, in addition to their visual appeal, offering scents and flavors!

With such an orientation, the use of water retention may be useful. Whether it’s installing ground cover plants or mixing “grains of water” with potting soil.

To make the most of a south-facing terrace, it is important to:

-Create shadow areas’ avoid materials that capture too much heat
-Choose warm colors associated with a gray-green vegetable palette.

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