05 Steps to Create Terrarium Project for Kids

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Building and Caring for a Terrarium is an Easy Project for Kids — and Their Parents

05 Steps to Create Terrarium Project for Kids05 Steps to Create Terrarium Project for Kids

Building and caring for a Terrarium – miniature garden enclosed in clear glass or plastic is an easy project for young gardeners. A covered, well-constructed terrarium needs little care, only requiring warmth and low light to flourish. Plus, a terrarium is a great way to demonstrate how water transpires from plants and evaporates from soil to create rain that falls back to the soil, and is then drawn up through the plant roots and lost through transpiration again.

1/ Choosing a Container

Select any clear or lightly tinted glass or plastic container with an opening big enough for your child’s hand to easily fit through. A fish tank, large brandy snifter, two-liter pickle jar, candy jar, and even a casserole dish are all good choices. If the container doesn’t have a lid, you can cover it with a sheet of clear plastic once the terrarium is planted. Wash the container with a 10:1 solution of bleach and water to avoid bacteria, fungi, and algae that thrive on soil surfaces in warm, moist environments. (Click Next Button)


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