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The Rose: Culture and General Care

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The Rose: Culture and General Care

The Rose: Culture and General CareThe Rose: Culture and General Care

Miniature roses, an excellent choice for indoor planting

Although miniature roses (also called mini roses) have been cultivated mainly for use as indoor plants, they can also be an excellent addition to an established rose garden. With delicate, dainty petals and buds, miniature roses are simply a diminutive version of their larger cousins and work as excellent accents in the garden, borders, or small shocks of color along the base of large rose bushes.

When grown outside where there is plenty of natural sunshine and water, miniature roses really don’t need much, but, when grown indoors, a little more care and attention are required. Mini roses need a lot of light, and, when grown indoors, they may need a special plant light if there is not enough sunshine getting in through the windows. They will spread out, leaving space between the individual stems, if there isn’t enough light, and this is the first sign to either move them to a more sunny location or add a little extra artificial light.

Indoor miniature roses also need a bit more extra humidity. This can be accomplished by putting the pot in a tray of water and allowing evaporation to take its natural course, or, failing that, using a cool-mist humidifier to supply that added moisture. There are also small insects to deal with that are especially attracted to indoor roses, and these can also be easily taken care of. To try and prevent this, the roses should be thoroughly rinsed at least once a week, but, if these bugs do manage to find homes in the roses, any pesticide used for normal-sized roses is fine for mini roses. Fertilizing is also important to ensure beautiful blossoms.

There are many different varieties of miniature roses to choose from, in many different colors and sizes, ranging from a mere 5 inches tall to almost 4 feet with blossoms ranging from 1/2-2 inches. There are a lot of award-winning roses that will bring beauty to the home and garden, backed by years of cultivation and breeding.

The “Cupcake” was added to the American Rose Society’s Hall of Fame for miniature roses in 2002. With beautiful, tiny pink petals and perfect form, the “Cupcake” has become extremely popular in recent years, especially for growing in containers. It has very dark green leaves which set off the beautiful pink blossoms perfectly. In 2003, the “Snow Bride” was added to the Hall of Fame. It is a lovely white rose, tightly wrapped with a tiny center to each blossom and small, pointed petals. All of the mini roses listed in this hall of fame are as beautiful as their larger cousins.

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