Knowing More About The Best Therapeutic Ice Bath


Knowing More About The Therapeutic Ice Bath

Knowing More About The Therapeutic Ice

Many people use different therapies. Partly because of the corona pandemic, people are not comfortable in their own skin. For this, a therapist is called in. Cold therapy can also be chosen. The ice bath of Icetubs are the ideal solution for this. Want to know why? Then read on quickly!

Why cold?

Through the cold bath, you strengthen your own nervous system. When you step into a cold bath, the blood and capillaries open up completely. Because the blood and capillaries open completely, the body does not feel cold in the cold bath. Strengthening your nervous system helps you concentrate better and improves meditation practice. With a good nervous system, you can live optimally.

Get to Know Cold Therapy 

Getting into a cold bath is something few people think of as the ideal relaxation. Yet a cold bath is super healthy and provides relief from various physical and mental ailments. Extreme cold can boost your health or make you feel fitter.

Start With the Cold Therapy

To prepare yourself for the cold, it is wise to build it up in several steps. The simplest way is to step into the cold shower at home. When you want to embrace the cold, the idea is to follow your gut and not force anything. The advice is to start with a cold shower of 30 seconds, but if this feels too long to you, you can of course reduce the time to, say, 15 seconds. Follow your own feeling and build up the time gradually.

The Ice Bath

After a while, a cold shower is no longer special. You are looking for more adventure. To embark on this adventure, the cold ice bath is the ideal solution. You buy the ice bath because you want to push your boundaries. In the bath of Icetubs you can completely immerse yourself in the ice bath. The water is pure and completely free of chlorine.

Difference Between Cold Shower and Ice Bath

You would think that you could turn up the shower to the coldest setting and thus experience the same experience. However, this is not entirely true. The biggest and most obvious difference between the ice bath and a cold shower is the temperature. An ice bath incorporates a cooling system. The system ensures that the bath maintains a constant cold temperature.

The temperature of the cooling system starts at 4 degrees Celsius and can go up to 38 degrees Celsius. This is of course a lot colder than the tap water of the shower. This is around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. It can be dependent on various factors. For example, in the summer it is naturally a little warmer than in the winter.

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