The Three Simple Steps of Flower Gardening

The Three Simple Steps of Flower Gardening
The Three Simple Steps of Flower Gardening

The Three Simple Steps of Flower Gardening

The Three Simple Steps of Flower GardeningThe Three Simple Steps of Flower Gardening

Over the years, flower gardening has become increasingly more and more popular. Flowers have a nice smell, brighten most people’s day, and make for a wonderful hobby, or even something that can be done professionally as a home business.

Having a flower garden is something that is inexpensive, tons of fun, and as easy as one, two, three.

Flower gardens also make for a nice yard decoration. You should make the decision of what types of flowers you prefer before starting your flower garden. Perennials tend to survive over winter and re-grow the next year during the summer, whereas Annuals you must replant every year. Buy flowers according to the climate they thrive in as well.

Make the decision of how you would like your garden to look before you buy the plants you want to plant. If you would like a meadow look, mix different colors, heights, and types of flowers together, which is called a wild plant style. A stepping-stone style achieved when you plant shorter flowers in the front portion of the garden and progress towards the tallest ones towards the back of the garden.

Seeds for your garden, you may obtain through catalogs or a nursery. Some people would rather buy the actual flowers from the nursery and transplant the flowers in their gardens.

After preparing the area you would like your garden and buying the flowers, arrange the flowers according to how you plan on planting them, to ensure you will like the actual arrangement and will have enough space in between them.

Flower Gardening

The easiest part of having a flower garden is the actual planting. With seeds, sprinkle them all around the flowerbed. When you are transplanting, all you have to do is take the flower out of the container it comes in and makes sure to dig the hole a little bigger than it. You then, just have to place the flower in the freshly dug hole right side up and cover it with the loose soil, while pushing down firmly, then of course water it.

The maintenance is even easier than the actual planting. Many times your garden will make it without fertilization, but applying it early in spring will help your garden to thrive. Keep the flowers watered and make sure to pinch back blooms of any flowers that start to fade. Clear out all debris in the garden and spread out organic nutrients, such as compost or peat moss to save yourself the extra work next season. Properly mix in the fertilizer by turning over the soil and use a rake to smooth it out when finished. While doing this, take care of not disturb the roots of any Perennials you have in your garden.

Flower gardening involves three simple steps: the decision of what to plant, planting it, and watering. The popularity of flower gardening has increased and gives people an excellent reason to spend more time outdoors and give their green thumb a chance.

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