Top Things Paraquat Have Taught Us About Gardening Risks


Top Things Paraquat Have Taught Us About Gardening Risks

Paraquat is a chemical that’s used primarily to treat weed infestations in people’s backyards. Unfortunately, however, the use of this chemical has been associated with some very nasty illnesses and diseases. If you have been diagnosed with a disease and were using Paraquat a lot in the run-up to your diagnosis, then it may be that the chemical caused your problems to become manifest.

If it does turn out that Paraquat caused your problems, you could be eligible for a lot of compensation. This post will tell you how you can claim that as well as what Paraquat has taught people about gardening risks.

Making a Compensation Claim

Paraquat, as mentioned in this post’s introduction, is a chemical that is used to treat weed overgrowth. However, Paraquat exposure has been linked to the development of a broad range of diseases, some of which can be fatal. If you are a user of Paraquat (or were) and developed any of the diseases and conditions that will be listed in the next section, then you could be eligible for compensation.

You will be paid compensation so that you can continue living an ordinary life, even with your injuries. Compensation is also paid to people to help them to cover the cost of their medical bills. In the United States, medical bills can be very expensive, especially for people who aren’t covered by insurance. If you had to pay for your own treatment, then successfully winning a Paraquat lawsuit could mean that you get the money paid back to you.

Exposure to Paraquat: The Risks

If you have been exposed to this chemical, then you could go on to develop some very serious health problems (or you may have already developed them). Some people have developed Parkinson’s disease, cognitive impairment, and kidney disease because of this chemical. Exposure to it can also cause intense nausea, bloody stools, throat irritation, eye irritation, abdominal pain, and vomiting. If you do develop any of these symptoms after using Paraquat, then report to your physician immediately. If you go on to develop any of the aforementioned diseases after exposure, then contact a lawyer, preferably one already making Paraquat claims for other people.

Paraquat Poisoning

In addition to causing all of the things mentioned in the previous section, exposure to Paraquat can also cause Paraquat poisoning, which typically develops in the days following exposure to the chemical. Some of the symptoms of Paraquat poisoning are confusion, seizures, respiratory failure, muscle weakness, coma, difficulty breathing, acute kidney failure, liver failure, lung scarring, and death. Because of this, it is very important to head to ER or your doctor if you have been exposed to large amounts of this chemical or begin experiencing any of the side effects listed previously.

Gardening Risks

Your garden is usually a very safe place. Unfortunately, as the ongoing Paraquat lawsuits show, it can be made dangerous when chemical agents are used. The use of chemical agents to treat things like weeds and pest infestations has become a lot more common in the last century because they are highly effective. Unfortunately, the use of these things, while effective, is also very short-sighted. Even being exposed to a small amount of these chemicals can cause some very serious health problems. Paraquat isn’t the only chemical that has led to people developing very serious injuries or illnesses, there are many others.

Limiting Chemical Use

If you want to garden safely, then try to avoid using chemicals. If you do have to use chemicals, then try to use ones that are derived from natural or organic sources. There are many chemical producers today that sell such products. Make sure that any of the chemicals that you use are safe for human and animal exposure. If you have a pest infestation, then resort to other methods of getting rid of them, instead of using chemical agents or poisons.

Legal Help

Legal Help

As mentioned several sections ago, if you have been exposed to a large amount of Paraquat and it has in turn led to you developing any of the symptoms or side effects listed in this post, then you need to reach out to a lawyer. To choose a lawyer, consider things like their level of experience, their reviews, and whether or not they are currently making claims for other people for this kind of exposure. When a lawyer is making claims for other people, all they have to do is to interview you, and then add your name to the claim list, which will save you time and money.

Paraquat can kill. If you have been exposed to it and it has caused you to develop unwanted or life-changing illnesses or conditions, then you need to claim compensation. The longer you wait to do this, the harder it’ll be for you to get the justice that you deserve.

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