Top 08 Things to Consider When Buying a Garden Shed


Things to Consider When Buying a Garden Shed

Gardening is an activity with many rewards and many pitfalls. You will need several things to ensure that your garden remains healthy and fruitful.

One thing that is particularly useful for gardening is a garden shed. A garden shed is where you store your gardening equipment and maybe even your produce.

There are several things to consider when buying a garden shed including:

1. Purpose

The first thing you should decide is for what purpose you will be using the shed. It will influence every other aspect of your buying decision.

Some people only want a temporary garden shed in which to store equipment for a season while others want one that will last for the rest of their lives. The lifespan of a garden shed is supremely important.

Depending on the purpose for which you want your shed, you can then choose the size, materials, and features. It will also influence how much you will spend on the shed.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

A garden shed will not only be a crucial part of your garden but your property as a whole. Therefore, you seriously need to consider how you want it to look so that it fits in with the rest of the property.

The aesthetics of the garden shed will largely depend on where it is located on the property. If you want it to be a prominent structure or one to recede in the background will influence its looks.

You should also consider whether you want it to stand alone or to be enjoined with another structure. Whether it should be in an open, uncovered space or under a patch of trees.

A key tip is to have the garden to look as natural as possible. The more similar it is to its surroundings, the more places it will appear.

3. Price

The amount of money you spend on a garden shed will always be of supreme importance. It is especially so if you are gardening on a limited budget.

One thing that is absolutely certain is that you will want to get good value for your money. A great idea is to look for a discount from a garden shed maker. It can substantially take a load off the budget.

You have an extremely wide array of choices as far as garden shed prices are concerned. Therefore, you should always do your due diligence to find the most value for money.

The main determinant of the price will be the type of shed and its purpose. A permanent shed is probably going to cost more than a temporary one.

4. Size

The size of the shed will be crucial particularly if you are buying and not building one. It almost goes without saying that the more items you plan on storing in the shed, the bigger the shed will be.

Garden sheds are available in a wide variety of sizes even when prefabricated. However, you can give specific measurements to a manufacturer for your garden shed if you are going to pay for it.

The key to considering the size of a garden shed is to leave a margin for more storage. You don’t know what else you might have to store in the shed in the future for gardening use.

5. Roof

The roof of a garden shed is the last thing many gardeners will think about when buying a shed. However, it is important as far as functionality and appearance are concerned.

The standard roofs for garden sheds are felt roofs. However, different companies offer different qualities of felt hence the need for serious consideration. You should ensure that the felt is heavy-duty and torched on as it will last longer.

There are other materials used to make garden shed roofs such as corrugated onduline, cedar shingles, and metal sheets. The choice of roofing will often be a matter of personal style when the function is already met.

6. Security

If you are going to be storing valuable gardening equipment in the shed, then you should at least ensure that it is secure. The last thing you want is a garden shed that can be easily accessed or broken into by malevolent parties.

Security as far as garden sheds are concerned will mainly pertain to the locking mechanisms. There are many options from which to choose including padlocks, heavy-duty key locks, and even electric locks.

You will have to seriously consider how you want to secure your garden shed. It will also significantly impact the eventual price of setting up the garden shed.

7. Storage Devices

A garden shed is essentially an empty space where you can store your valuable gardening and household equipment. However, all garden sheds have storage devices to utilize the space and make storage more efficient.

Therefore, when buying a garden shed, you should seriously consider the storage device to use in it. The storage device will be how you store items in the space. They may include cabinets, shelves, or cubicles depending on the space and the equipment to be stored.

Some garden sheds will even have different rooms for the storage of different items. The key to choosing the right storage devices is to think of access and protection of the equipment inside.

8. Zoning Laws

The last thing most gardeners consider when buying a garden shed is the zoning laws. Unfortunately, you cannot just buy the garden shed you want but you have to adhere to the city’s zoning laws.

The zoning laws will depend on the location of your residence. Many municipalities, neighborhoods, and even homeowners’ associations will have restrictions on garden sheds especially as it pertains to size.

The restrictions could affect which materials you can include in a garden shed which is also a serious consideration.

Therefore, you should call the relevant authorities before buying a new garden shed. Find out all the laws in your area and adhere to them.

To finish, the above are the main considerations to make before buying a new garden shed for your gardening needs. There are others to consider such as the materials to use but the ones above are the essential ones.

Buying a garden shed will have a significant impact on your property. Therefore, take the time to find out exactly what you need.

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